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Moreover, Levinson has been written up to many different domains of books which include fictional and nonfictional books such as “Soft Edge- A Natural History and future of the information…
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Mass Media Book Review
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Report: New New Media by Paul Levinson Levinson has been a chair communication and Media studies in New York USA. Moreover, Levinson has been written up to many different domains of books which include fictional and nonfictional books such as “Soft Edge- A Natural History and future of the information revolution” and Digital mcluahan – A guide to the information millennium. Today, it has been a great honor that he has been aired aboLut 500 times on TV and Radio. According to Levinson, unlike the previous cable TV and radio broadcasting, media is heading towards the internet which of course is a virtual form of media exposure and he names YouTube to the priority focus of anything we do today.
New New Media by Paul Levinson emphasis on the social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, which are constantly changing over a time period of 2 years of time frame. He further goes on saying that the Facebook or social media have been a tool for people to ask questions from any area and connect people over the masses. Levinson goes on explaining that extensive use of Facebook and Twitter has caused people not to meet each other for ages, but on the other hand, he explains about the exploration of Skype media that people can now connect to people across the world and it is handy(Levinson, 2009). He clarifies that social media and physical media are somewhat interlocked in between each other.
He explains an incident at a local restaurant from where he had his dinner and spotted a guy on email who was his fellow PHD student, having the food in the same restaurant. Furthermore, he describes that the social media has been on the forefront of campaigning for politics, and many republicans today use it as a tool in 2012. He further says that people are mostly addicted to their friends and relatives, so if the relatives or friends stick to some politics then easily campaigning over Facebook can be found fruitful.
The book further describes that every producer is a user and says that browsing allows users to become producers. According to the writer there are some media that all the existing social media are free, as we can easily access things from many different domains (Levinson, 2009).
One of the main points of the book is that Levinson explains how attractive it can be regarded bloggers from all domains. He explains further areas such as individual and group blogging, influence it has on gatekeepers and monetization of blogging content. He also refers to a Millenial and Baby Boomers. He also explains further that traditional print and mass media are on the score of decline. He also portrays hyper current examples such as “Obama Girl”, which is used as a both a strength and weakness by him, which in longer run is more of his weakness than of his strength.
In an opinion of many critics, this book has been a source for the average college educated people as well as lay person where advancement in technology are the forefront of everyone. People today from any corner of the world use Skype and fiber, which is a handy source of communication.
Concluding, my opinion about the book is biased towards the writer as he explains how technology and physicality can be intermingled, but since physical interaction is more valuable than electronic media such as twitter and Facebook. I am convinced of an authors opinion that user becoming the producers due to extensive use of media, but we can relate, it has a new medium because eventually this all media might be invalid for future years to come.
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Bob , Book Review: “New New Media” by Levinson P, Pearson Education (2009) Retrieved from blogcrcitics: Read More
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