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Dorchester Collection: Company Overview and Media Relations Strategy - Research Paper Example

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The luxury hotel operator is owned by Brunei Investment Agency (BIA). Currently, Dorchester Collection owns and manages ten five star luxury hotels…
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Dorchester Collection: Company Overview and Media Relations Strategy
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Download file to see previous pages According to Dorchester Collection (2015), the organization has the passion for innovation and excellence, and this has enabled it to honor the individuality, effectiveness and the heritage of the brands which it manages. It has ensured success not only through acquisition of new entities, but also the management of other enterprises and hotels on behalf of third party owners. The hotels managed by Dorchester Collection are known all over the world. The group has become an icon of ultimate management and excellence.
Dorchester’s target market is basically in the hospitability industry. It targets the five star and luxury hotel users. The members in this market segment visit the luxury hotels for accommodation and to use the various other supplementary services which are offered to support the core product. To communicate with the target market, Dorchester employs a combination of direct sales and internet based approaches. Dorchester deals directly with the luxury hotel service users because majority of these people prefer personal sale so that they are able to determine the value and need to visit the hotels which are managed and operated by Dorchester. With the advent of the web as a communication tool, Dorchester has incorporated it in its operations. The group relies on various internet based communication platforms for interaction with the service users. The services user are for example allowed to explore and book the services provided in the hotel and also make the payment before reservations can be done through the company website. It is a practice that has not only allowed it to reach out to a wider market audience but has also given the service users the flexibility they require when looking for the hotel services in their various geographical locations.
The hospitality sector where Dorchester operates in is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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