Crime prevention and Crime Rates - Coursework Example

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In the paper “Crime prevention and Crime Rates” the author is choosing the topic to start up with the news story. He chose the topic Crime prevention and Crime Rates. He viewed many factors that people associate with crime reduction…
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Crime prevention and Crime Rates
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Extract of sample "Crime prevention and Crime Rates"

Reflection on the Activity To start up with the news story I had to choose the topic. In the beginning I planned to use obesity and its associated factors to write my news story on. But after some research I realized that a lot has already been done in this area. I changed the topic to Crime prevention and Crime Rates. I viewed many factors that people associate with crime reduction. The most common I found were:
Police performance
Educational policies
Employment Rates
Social Policy changes
Immigration Policies
Reduction in Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Spending on Police Departments and so on.
Hence, I chose crime reduction as a product of rising Workforce levels. The data on both factors was available on the same website. The data set I have used in this article was available at
I used the data that was easily available on both factors. The data I chose was for the period between 2003 and 2014. I pursued annual data for analysis as it was easy and provided a broader view to the situation.
After the data was gathered, I used to visualize it. In anticipation, I removed the extra data available on the excel sheets of governmental records and omitted unnecessary details that was available. I chose to make two different bar charts using the options available at the website. After the completion of the visualization process, I took screenshots and used them for investigation and critical analysis.
I believe that Daily Express will be a suitable publication for this news to enlighten UK population on the relationship between Police workforce and the recorded crime rates. Read More
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