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In the recent past, the company has suffered significant fall in stock market competitiveness, poor image and general slump in…
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Letter to the Shareholders
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Extract of sample "Letter to the Shareholders"

“Letter to the Shareholders” SeaWorld Entertainment management has d the discontent of its shareholders and wishes toexpress its efforts to meet their unfulfilled dreams. In the recent past, the company has suffered significant fall in stock market competitiveness, poor image and general slump in profits. Top in the list of the critical matters of concern include the increasing criticism towards treatment of the Oak Whales which has resulted to negative public image. The overall effect of this observation is reflected in the fall in attendance by customers’ hence significant reduction in its stock prices. The emerging animal cruelty campaign has a great effect on the image of the company which translates to reduced revenues hence low shareholder returns. It is therefore important that urgent and strategic measures are accommodated by the entire shareholders’ fraternity in an effort to restore the firm.
It should be noted that what happens is of significant concern as far as the future of the company is concerned. This could be noted from the shock response towards the public opinion and reactions towards the company’s crumbling image are real. However, there are alternative actions that the firm is working towards implementing to restore the glory of the company in stock market. Adoption of ethical practices that touches on animal cruelty policies will serve as key to regaining the bad organization image. Some of the changes that are important include immediate restructuring of entertainment policy which must capture the right of the whales to stress free life.
There is a lease of life expected to spring back in the company after the top management made appropriate recommendations to be executed with immediate effect. AS a step towards reversing the negative publicity the company has got from the perceived animal cruelty, the shareholders are assured of immediate change of tact. It is in line with the moral obligation of the company and its esteemed shareholders to recognize the right of the whales. It is therefore important to reconcile efforts to maximize returns with the interest of the animals in question. For that reason, the company seeks to revitalize its policies on entertainment approach and adhere to rules and regulations that govern the interest of animals against harsh treatment. Should the recommended ideas be pursued, the image of the company will be restored, customer size will begin to rise and revenue will definite grow.
Plans are in place to hold awareness campaign as a corporate social responsibility and prepare the customers psychologically on the limits of attainable entertainment. Taking the issue of cruel treatment seriously will be central in expanding the customer base, increasing revenues and rejuvenating the competitiveness of the company in stock market.
It is with great appreciation that we recognize the effort of esteemed shareholders in regard to the future of the firm. The relentless inquiry on the status quo of the company shows how shareholders have the company at heart and that will be reciprocated through immediate appropriate remedial measures. Read More
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Letter to the Shareholders Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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