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The past century has seen a significant increase in sporting activities, from the formulation of new games to creation of worldwide competitions. These sporting activities have attracted the attention of the whole…
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Sports Communication: Growth of Sport Communication
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Sport Communication: Growth of Sport Communication Sports Communication: Growth of Sport Communication The sporting industry has developed a great deal over the years. The past century has seen a significant increase in sporting activities, from the formulation of new games to creation of worldwide competitions. These sporting activities have attracted the attention of the whole world, and it is, therefore, important to understand how information and updates on them are conveyed. Sports communication has evolved in terms of the media used, the people broadcasting it, and the information sent to users.
The advent and development of electronic media have revolutionized sports communication (Pedersen, 2007). It all began with simple radio communication. The radio only reported the primary results of games and significant developments such as stadium construction and sporting accidents. With time, the television was created, and significant changes were noted in sports communication. The television brought fans to the sporting action by providing motion pictures and game recordings. Live broadcasting of sports and associated competitions was soon incorporated. A lot of attention was created towards sports. The media personalities made it easy for viewers to relate to sports, coaches and athletes. This move forced all other media to step up in their broadcasting and presentation of sports.
The development of computers and their advancement to the point where they were affordable, easily accessible and had access to the internet opened up the sports communication arena. Anyone can report sports news through social media and blogs. These communication platforms are easy to use and do not require any training. The equipment used is also cheap and consists of any communications device that has internet connectivity. Through the social media and its various platforms, people can get close to, and even befriend their sporting heroes.
Intercollegiate sport has changed drastically in a period characterized by changes from analog to digital reception and transmission signals. The media has had an enormous influence in the development of sporting activities in colleges. This influence is in terms of participants, fans and popularity of the competitions held within and between colleges. The media promotes these sporting activities through the many advertisements communicated through them. Thus, sports communication begins even before the real games start. This communication is hastened by the use of electronic media. The fact that modern electronic techniques of reporting and advertising are heavily inclined towards sports positively impacts on intercollegiate games. These games gain popularity through electronic media, and this demand translates to the creation of sponsorships opportunities for the various teams that are liked by most of the fans watching them play (Brown, 2003).
The development of social media and its involvement in sports communication has helped popularize the intercollegiate sports. It also creates a basis for analyzing games among fans and other analysts. This analysis picks up the views of the various fans associating themselves with the participating teams, and their opinions help shape the sporting activities that take place in these competitions (Billings, 2012). These ideas change the way games are hosted.
Sports communication has helped shape intercollegiate sports into their modern form. The various communication channels used, be they live or recorded, have an enormous impact on the sporting activities involved. The result of advanced communication results in exciting and popular gaming activities that boost the social growth of college students. In fact, the best way to promote sports would be by enhancing its communication to the public.
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