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Economy Report and International Business in Denmark - Essay Example

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Business Contents Contents 2 General information on the size and structure of the economy statistics 3 Cultural Stereotyping in Denmark and Impact on International Trade 3 Music Industries in Denmark and International Business 6 Sporting Activities in Denmark and International Business 7 References 10 General information on the size and structure of the economy statistics The Gross Domestic Product during the 2010 period is estimated around $10.3 billion…
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Economy Report and International Business in Denmark
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Download file to see previous pages The export commodities are constituted of manufactured products that amount to around 73 percent of the total exports. Again the agricultural commodities and other products constitute around 19 percent of the total exports. Agricultural products constituted around 18.7 percent of the export revenues. Similarly the imports pertaining to the region in the 2010 period amounted to around $84.409 billion. Commodities like raw materials and semi-manufactured commodities constitute around 37.4 percent of the total imports while consumer products and capital goods constitute around 18 percent and 21.7 percent respectively. The major countries that carry out the export and import transactions with Denmark are like Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, Norway, and Holland in common while countries like China and United States only carry out the import activities with Denmark (U.S. Department of State, 2011). Cultural Stereotyping in Denmark and Impact on International Trade The economy of Dutch is found to largely depend on the activities of international trade conducted with different countries round the world significantly in the fields of import and export activities. The Dutch economy becomes highly dependent on countries like Germany for largely exporting the food products and other manufacturing products and similar materials. Dependency of Denmark over the German economy has risen to such extent that it has become evident that Denmark would fail to exist without the help obtained in from the German Republic. It is held that increasing dominance of Germany in Denmark’s international trade and tourism activities would lead to bolster a sense of inferiority and thereby threatens to usurp its cultural heritage. This fear of losing their own cultural heritage makes the people of Denmark bolster up their confidence in setting of stereotyped national cultures. Cultural stereotyping is considered as an important tool by the Dutch people in order to save their conditions from being largely invaded by the German culture (Renckstorf, 2004, p.347). The cultural parameters in Denmark pertaining to the dress codes are viewed to be quite casual in nature. Casual dresses in Denmark reflect less focus rendered on wearing any kind of formal suit. However this type of stereotyping method in regards to the dress codes often earns conflict in times when the person proceeds to work in a trade environment dealing basically with international trade activities. Therein the people are required to follow a certain formal dress code and thus to abstain from wearing casual wear in the office or working hours. Henceforth the people and cultural parameters of Denmark need to become much flexible in order to rightly embrace the internationalisation of trade activities in the region. Again the people of Denmark also regard or give importance in maintaining adequate distance when communicating with someone. The people regard maintaining a distance of an arm or two when talking with people. This type of a culture developed among the people also depicts a stereotype nature of maintaining relationships with the people either pertaining to domestic or international regions. This type of stereotyping activity reflected by the people of Den ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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