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The author Richard Swift is one of the authors who have written and introduced the manner in which humans have been undergoing major state of being predators and scavengers. The author has effectively created a parallelism between humans and animals as predators and scavengers…
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Week 5 journal
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Week 5 Journal The Richard Swift is one of the who have written and introduced the manner in which humans have been undergoing major state of being predators and scavengers. The author has effectively created a parallelism between humans and animals as predators and scavengers. The aim of this journal is to assess the perception of the fate of humanity. Also, a discussion will be carried out concerning the actions that are needed to avert such a fate.
In particular, the author has discussed the natural environment that is more likely to be impacted by the way people live their lives. The author’s perception of fate of humanity is that everyone has led to a situation where they love predators unless they are not the prey. Such a behavior has made the way economy has been working for ages. The ancestors have surely left a model of scavengers for those who fall prey to predators. Herein, it should be noted that the predators who have been marked dangerous by the author are the giants or the owners of bigger enterprises. In addition, the harmful act of higher sales etc. has led the damage in environmental cycle.
Therefore, the author suggests that in case there needs to be a change in the fate of the humanity, it is significant that people consume less and reuse things that have been used previously. Also, recycling is the best way for scavengers who are acting like predators at the moment.

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Week 5 Journal Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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