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How Technology Has Increased Connectivity In The World - Essay Example

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In the paper “How Technology Has Increased Connectivity In The World” the author supports that technology has increased our sense of connectivity and community in the isolated world. We can easily communicate with our friends or relatives who are abroad…
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How Technology Has Increased Connectivity In The World
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Download file to see previous pages James: I agree, but the level of immorality has increased rapidly. Today, a lot of people are threatened through the cell phones; some are tracked to their homes and their property gets stolen, or even they get killed. Technology has made the world a place where secrets are no longer there.
James: Because I do not like the idea of technology. People die every day when they travel from one area to another visiting their friends or relatives, plain crushes, vehicles get accidents, ships do sink, cannot you see that.
Me: I see that but do not you like the idea of the world being a small place. That you can travel from here to the other country in just a few hours. In the early day, one could walk from one area to another for days and even weeks but today its easy. When I get lost for example in a place I do not know, I just make a call, and I get the necessary help.
James: If you look at things like Facebook, Twitter all of these are killing our children’s mind and dreams. Students spend most of their time surfing and chatting with their friends and relatives, what’s for? They could be utilizing that time to study or even help their parents.
Me: How could you say that yet they benefit from that a lot, for example, in our community we have a Facebook page where we discuss our issues. It’s a page where if a person has a problem for example drug addition, he/she comes and post the issue there, and we all discuss and give our opinion. The page has from the last 60 days helped 20 men and 12 women with different issues.
James: That is good, but what about the pages created where our girls and boys share nude photos of themselves, what about the pages which preach that drug consumption is good for health, what about the pages formed to incite the people. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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