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The Ad is intended as a funny connotations y FedEx to depict its carrying capacity and speed. It is a strategic ad in a competitive field by…
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Fedex Ad Analysis
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FedEx Ad FedEx Ad The ad shows a FedEx truck with graphics showing it carrying two UPS trucks and the rear types of the tuck show alorry of a DHL truck. The Ad is intended as a funny connotations y FedEx to depict its carrying capacity and speed. It is a strategic ad in a competitive field by one of the prominent company in order to have a competitive edge. It was meant to appeal to consumers to choose the quality services offered y FedEx at the same time it acted to diminish the carrying capacity and speed of its main competitors that is UPS and DHL.
The ad uses humor and art to show their superiority and capacity. The creativity of the FedEx Ad is to attract more customers ad appeals to the young generation. The graphics in the Ad are also meant to imply that the competition is lagging behind and trying to keep up with the competition is trying to keep up with the company both in cargo carrying capacity and speed all around states.
The ad is impressively creative to lay the groundwork for future customer base. It was meant to help boost the employees morale ad solidify the efforts of the company to expand its shares in the delivery market. It implies flexibility and the advantage of a large carrying capacity in a company that ensures that your goods get to their destination safely. The company advertisement is meant to persuade the customers that they are dedicated to their jobs and they understand the needs of the consumer and are ready to fulfill them faster ad effectively.
The use of optical illusions and graphics were meant to attract the consumer and have those customers talking which would help with brand awareness which leads to increased customer base. The advertisement was also meant to challenge the competition in keeping up with it as well as providing better services for the customers.
The FedEx ad is directed to both customer and competing brand, it appeals to the customers and attract their attention in a field that is highly used in transporting goods from one place to another all over the states. FedEx has established a loyal customer base due to their quality services but the stiff competition from other companies has provided a level playing field. The company has used strategic advertising to give them an edge. The aesthetic appeal of the trucks is to attract more young generation. The use of the competing brand is to appreciate and acknowledge the competition while preying at their weakness.
Companies in a competitive field have to keep coming up with new strategies to improve their businesses, keep their customer base and amass new customers. The use of creative advertising to appeal to different generations across the nations is the most effective. The advertisement should ne informative ad appealing to all those that come across it, the use of humor and creative art also gives them an added edge in the commercial advertisements.
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Fedex Ad Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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