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Daytime Talk Shows - Essay Example

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This article discusses what happens behind the scenes of the daytime television talk shows. The media focuses so much on the elites in the society; ordinary people, for this reason, do not exist within the entertainment industry as well as the official established news making routines…
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Daytime Talk Shows
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Download file to see previous pages Laura Grindstaff discusses the various things that occur behind the scenes when Talk Shows are being prepared. There are things that she points out that I never thought of like that and some that I did not know. Talk shows have a lot of strange spaces of matters to be discussed. Matters like misuse, manipulation, consent and choice within the context of entertainment are clearly depicted in Talk shows. The entertainment context itself is embedded in bigger cultural landscapes with social inequality as its character. Grindstaff argues that unlike other elites and celebrities shown on television, the” ordinary people” who come as guests in the talk show at daytime are forced to be emotional about their lives and private affairs to attract and entice audiences. She believes that for talk shows, it is necessary to manipulate the people so as to create moments that are dramatic. The dramatic scenes seen on the daytime talk shows are not stories of natural occurrences but rather directed by producers (Shuyisun 1).Identify the thesis of the article and criteria the author states or implies for assessing responsibility. If the author does not draw a conclusion about the criteria say so and explain what you think they should be.In the “Daytime talk show” article, Grindstaff proposes that as much as the daytime talk show makes profit and entertainment from the privacy of people, the show stages a platform for manipulation in the context of entertainment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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