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In some instances, we combine the responsibilities of parents, society, and other stakeholders to deliver safe, progressive, and value-driven services to children (Plantenga, 2013).
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Key Messaging Template for clients audience clientfamily connections LCC
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Key Messaging Template for Audience Key Messaging Template for Audience Key Message: Training to Improve the Provision of Childcare Services
Childcare providers play an important role in the growth and development of children. In some instances, we combine the responsibilities of parents, society, and other stakeholders to deliver safe, progressive, and value-driven services to children (Plantenga, 2013).
Audience 1: Parents
As parents, you should view us as your supporters and not as competitors. There have been many cases where you abstain from using our services because you think we are out to usurp your position in your children’s welfare. This is understandable to an extent because you a right to be protective over your children. However, any protection should not obscure the main objective, which should be to ensure the safety and positive development of children at all levels (Partland, 2012). The love and natural instinct you have for your children should not be limited to your control alone. There are many other entities like childcare providers, concerned citizens, and the government that are keen to help you provide the best for your children. Childcare is a challenging job that requires the utmost dedication, passion, and commitment.
You can collaborate with us so that we support each other in our duties. Such collaboration can include providing feedback and insights on training, and actively participating in the training of childcare employees. You are encouraged to identify areas of weaknesses in training and to propose remedial measures to improve the quality and effectiveness of our services (Family Connections, 2015c). You can also contribute financially to the provision of childcare services and therefore ensure that your children receive the best care possible. Finally, parents who are knowledgeable in childcare (e.g., nurses and developmental psychologists) are encouraged to apply for training positions in our organizations so that you improve the overall level of services.
Audience 2: Donors
Childcare services are often funded by the government, the private sector, or donors. Of the three, donors have been identified as having the greatest potential to improve childcare services. This is evident in their level of commitment to and focus on, quality and effective childcare services. When it comes to training of childcare services, you have numerous avenues through which you can impact childcare services (Family Connections, 2015b). First, you can provide more funds to governments and the private sector to facilitate the expansion and enhancement of training activities. You can also fund childcare providers directly instead of using intermediaries like the government and private sector.
Secondly, you can provide technical support and expertise in childcare provision. For example, developments in childcare services vary in different regions and the field is also quite dynamic. This means that we often have something new to learn regarding our knowledge and abilities. Since you are usually privy to the latest trends in service delivery, you can lend your advanced skills and knowledge to us by training us on a regular basis (Family Connections, 2015a). You can also train other stakeholders (e.g., members of the public) so that their efforts do not go to waste when you pull out of a region. Third, you can contribute towards the development of policy and training systems and frameworks that support long-term efficiency and effectiveness in childcare provision.
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