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An Analysis of How the UK Newspapers Reported the Senkaku Islands Dispute - Literature review Example

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 This essay focuses on Western Media’s International Coverage around China When Geo-Political Interests are at Stake. One of such parts determines the historical background of the relationship prevailing between the Sino-Japanese and the Senkaku Islands. …
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An Analysis of How the UK Newspapers Reported the Senkaku Islands Dispute
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Extract of sample "An Analysis of How the UK Newspapers Reported the Senkaku Islands Dispute"

Download file to see previous pages This part also concentrates on the interaction existing between the media and the governmental representatives. Moreover, another part focuses on the attributes depicting the manner and the extent through which the western media portray other nations. In this part, the western media of the UK and the US in the form of the newspapers has been mainly considered for acquiring a better understanding about the reporting of Senkaku Islands dispute. Furthermore, the section also concentrates on determining the importance of framing news and the coverage of the same in national or international context.
In recent few years, it was observed that the geopolitical conflict between Japan and China accelerated to the extreme level. According to Hagstrom, (2012), this was prominently seen over the Senkaku Islands, also known as Diaoyu islands, according to the Chinese. The islands possessed a total area of around seven square kilometers, which is in the west of Okinawa islands and east of China. Although the argument about the dispute of Senkaku Islands has accelerated recently, the debate between the two countries over the issue had been from history. Pieces of evidence revealed that both the countries have strong arguments to claim for the land. However, several media reports have pointed out different argumentative articles about the aforesaid issue. In this regard, one of the reports published by BBC (2014) suggests of the presence of a disputed island in the East China Sea. The report also provided the pieces of evidence of eight such disputed and uninhabited islands and rocks that existed in the Eastern Sea of China. Based on the viewpoints presented by Storey (2013), the historical evidence of Senkaku Islands can be traced back from reviewing several books like “Voyage with a Tail Wind”. Through this particular book, it can be ascertained that Senkaku Islands is also popularly acknowledged as Diaoyu in China.
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