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Analysis Paper : Interpersonal Communication - Assignment Example

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It enhances good working relationships among the employees of a company. Moreover, it motivates the workers, builds trust and brings about a good working environment (ORourke, 2009). Having worked as an intern in a shipping company,…
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Analysis Paper Assignment : Interpersonal Communication
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Download file to see previous pages They included: locating missing information, responding to customer’s concerns, and preparing daily reports. Other roles included arranging shipments in pick-ups and tracing the shipment mainly in the warehouse. A typical working day started at eight in the morning. After reporting to work this early, the first thing to do was to fill in a form to indicate the exact time of reporting to work. The supervisor would the meet with us and allocate the roles for the day. Being an intern, the supervisor would allocate me different jobs each day to ensure that I learnt and gathered experience in the many fields within the company.
The shipping industry is considered as challenging by most people. However, in the eight weeks the experience was good, and the internship was very beneficial. Moreover, through the internship there was the accumulation of management and communication skills which are very essential in the industry. Through workshops carried out at the end of every month an intern is given the opportunity to interact with employees of other shipping companies. It is crucial when it comes to making contacts that will be very essential when one is searching for a job in a shipping company. Based on the internship, working for the shipping company for the next ten years would be a good experience.
The supervisor was very friendly to the employees under him. He ensured the he interacted with the employees on a daily basis to ensure that work was done to perfection. Moreover, the supervisor inspired and motivated us. At times, the organization was faced with tough and unpopular decisions to make, and the employees banked on him to make a good decision.
All employees in the department reserved great respect and admiration for the supervisor. This was of because of his ability to solve conflicts experienced within the department. The supervisor had good leadership skills. Having ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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