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With increasingly many cases of emergencies with patients in need of blood, every health center should be able to easily and adequately access blood. Timing is of essence in health matters…
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Audience Analysis
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BLOOD DONATION Blood Donation In today’s world it is highly important for health care centers to have blood storage. With increasingly many cases of emergencies with patients in need of blood, every health center should be able to easily and adequately access blood. Timing is of essence in health matters therefore having blood storage saves time and thereby saving lives. However, in order to have blood storage it requires efforts by all citizens to voluntarily give blood frequently to avoid draining the blood banks. Blood donations can be done by all people including young people with the required body weight and parental or guardian permission for those below 16 years in some states. Actually, according to the American Red Cross young people constitute of about 20% of the nation’s blood donation (2014, para. 2). This implies that it is the role of all people to regularly donate blood in a bid to improve the health sector of our country.
Every once in while, everyone encounters situations that require blood. This may be personal or someone we know. This implies that blood donation may be viewed as an investment for future use either by our own selves or other people. There are cases where people donate blood for their own future use but it is also important to donate blood freely and leave it open for everyone’s use. Most emergencies needing blood are accident related. Evidence has it that most blood donations are made during times of disasters (Baum, 1997, p.568). However, since we do not have control over accidents and we do not know when they will happen, the only thing we can do is to prepare adequately for when they occur. Donating blood can be considered one of the most effective ways to prepare for accidents.
In addition to helping other people, donating blood also has many benefits in our health. For instance, researchers argue that people who donate blood regularly have an extremely low chance of getting heart related complications such as heart attacks (Medical West, 2014, para. 3-6). This implies that donating blood can be advantageous to us not only in cases of accidents or other illnesses but also in our normal daily routines. Reduced chances of getting heart related diseases can be attributed to the fact that regularly donating blood reduces iron levels in the body system. This is important in preventing iron concentration in the arteries hence reducing chances of getting heart attacks. Heart conditions are most prevalent among the older people and therefore blood donation can help reduce the risks even to much older people going through menopause. This is important mentioning since it engages even the older people and makes them feel that the subject does not only concern mid aged and young people.
To reap the best health benefits, Meyers argues that a person should donate blood at least three times in a year (qtd. in Curry, 2003, p.10). Additionally, every time people donate blood they are tested for various diseases in the process of ensuring blood safety. This can be considered as a chance to know the health status hence making it possible to seek early medical attention. However, in the process of giving the presentation it is important to note that not all people are okay with knowing their health status especially when it comes to life changing illnesses such as HIV. Therefore, it is important to note that knowledge of one’s status is voluntary. However it is also important to encourage and educate the audience of the importance of knowing one’s status.
In a bid to keep the audience engaged throughout the presentation it is important to frequently invite the audience’s participation. This may be achieved through asking questions since this also helps the speaker to understand the audience better. Knowledge of the audience is important and it should be upon the speaker to know the audience even before the presentation (DeCaro, Adams, and Jefferis, p. 1-2). This implies that a good speech involves having good knowledge of the audience in order to base the arguments based on matters they can relate to. Knowledge of the audience forms the main basis of making an audience analysis.
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Audience Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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