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A predominant number of the American population best spend their leisure time by visit reaction facilities such as amusements parks and other places of interest. However, in the recent past, the disabled individuals have faced discrimination from using some of the reaction…
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Acorn People paper
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Acorn People Paper Acorn People Paper How does this book apply to this A predominant number of the American population best spend their leisure time by visit reaction facilities such as amusements parks and other places of interest. However, in the recent past, the disabled individuals have faced discrimination from using some of the reaction facilities if not any at all (Barnes and Mercer, 2010). The most affected group with the discrimination in the recreational facilities amongst the people with disabilities are children especially teenagers. It was for that particular reason that the self-acclaimed and celebrated author, Ron Jones decided to write a book about the disabled children enjoying recreational facilities and activities. The book “The Acorn People” is about a special group of disabled children on the conquest of realizing their dreams camp Wiggin (Thatchenkery and Metzker, 2008). The name Acorn refers to the particular special group of disabled children.
The book, “The Acorn People” is very much applicable to this course because they both seek to address and put the much-needed emphasis on the provision of leisure services for the disabled. Jones (1976) explained that Ron Jones one of the protagonists in the book looks forward to working as a camp counselor at camp Wiggin. Ron Jones on reaching camp Wiggin became appalled because of the extreme level of disabilities that the children or the Acorns had. Furthermore, Ron Jones thought to himself that it would be very difficult to have and take part in fun activities with the children (Jones, 1976). It is, therefore, right to say that had little or no awareness concerning the recreational activities and services that the disabled could participate. The course, on the other hand, has awareness and emancipation of the masses on the recreation activities and services of the disabled. Consequently, the course also seeks to change the how well-able people perceive the disabled.
It is not a rare occasion to hear the disabled people branded names of things synonymous to the conditions. For instance, in the book “The Acorn People” one of the Acorns has the name spider because she has no arms or legs though her real name is Carly. Despite the extreme conditions that the Acorns face and have to endure, they are very much determined and have posses a sense of self-belief (Jones, 1976). Suvian and Ruskin (2009) demonstrated that it did not take the Acorns a long time before they could convince and teach their counselor that their disability was not inability. Ron Jones was very much convinced that the Acorns were just like everyone else and even were capable of accomplishing more than he thought they could. Subsequently, the course seeks to encourage us to give the disabled time and see what they can accomplish in recreational activities and services.
Addressing the characteristics of disabled people is one of the many ways through which I can ensure that provision of best recreational quality and services to the disabled. Subsequently, the course also focuses on addressing the character of the people with disabilities in a variety of recreational and leisure services for the betterment of the society. The manifestation of characterization depicted in the book “The Acorn People” is what makes the book lovable to many. On reaching the camp, Ron Jones just like anybody else received a necklace made of acorn from the campers. Ron Jones immediately deduced the character of the Acorns as of a welcoming and loving people (Rones, 1976). The story develops and revolves around the good character traits possessed by the Acorns. Consequently, counselor Ron was able to address the character of the Acorn into helping them realize their dreams adequately. For instance, Ron helps Benny B. realize his dream of speeding round the camp because of the proper addressing his character determination. The book has taught me one valuable lesson, and that is to despise the disabled.
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