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The paper "Patient Isolated And Public Health Investigations" discusses the case of isolation of the tourist, who visited West Africa earlier and who indicated symptoms of the contagious disease. Investigations indicated that the tourist is positive for Ebola…
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Patient Isolated And Public Health Investigations
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Media Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, October 21, Contact: Media Relations (468) 339-56478
Patient Isolated and Public Health Investigations are Ongoing
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed lab test results reported late last night by the Washington DC department of State public health professionals and technicians indicating that the tourist is positive for Ebola. The tourist, who visited West Africa earlier, was isolated soon after he indicated symptoms of the contagious disease. Apparently, the patient is under isolation and close checkup.
On Sunday, October 19, the tourist reported a low-grade fever throughout the night and immediately received a referral for testing at the States’ most reputable laboratory. As a precautionary measure after observing the unusual fever, CDC staff isolated the tourist and interviewed him to establish additional contacts or potential exposures. Currently, one close contact has been identified, and appropriate measures employed to prevent further spread of the disease.
Careful monitoring and scrutiny of all tourists and associated health care workers who interacted with the isolated patient, therefore, is directed to offer the public an assurance of the absence of a trace of the disease in America. Ebola is an infectious, deadly disease noticeable by fever and severe internal bleeding, spread through physical contact with the infected person’s body fluids. The outbreak of Ebola experienced in West Africa in 2014 is the largest, so far in history according to records by the CDC, 2014. The disease has an average of 8 to ten incubation period. The CDC, therefore, recommends immediate isolation and close monitoring of suspected individuals with symptoms for a period of 21 days.
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