Nonverbal Gestures Associated with Emblems, Illustrators, Regulators, Adaptors and Affect Displays - Essay Example

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The paper presented the idea of communication associated with the salesperson’s attempt to engage a prospective customer into his business. There were a series of non-verbal communications observed, but they all pointed out to one idea, the actual attempt to express inner thoughts.   …
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Nonverbal Gestures Associated with Emblems, Illustrators, Regulators, Adaptors and Affect Displays
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Extract of sample "Nonverbal Gestures Associated with Emblems, Illustrators, Regulators, Adaptors and Affect Displays"

I saw this scenario common somewhere in the malls, two individuals or more, trying to initiate a business or at least one of them, the salesperson should always mean business of starting the engagement. One is at least trying to close the deal while the target consumer or customer will have to be left with the burden to decide to finally engage in the business. As observed, this particular event has varied nonverbal actions. Most often, the salesperson can get the sour or candid expressions coming from the prospective customers who are not willing or at some point may not be that ready to engage. You can see an array of hand gestures as if saying “no, I’m not willing to give you my time”. Some other expressions from the prospective customers’ countenance would say, “No, I don’t much have time”, or “I don’t much need of what you might present to me now”, or “I’m on a rush or I’m too busy for now, can we just have another time?”. These are some of the probable words that are associated with the non-verbal gestures I often see when the salesperson tries to connect someone into his line of business. I know it might be daunting or frustrating on his part, if I were to rate it myself. After all, the following are the gestures I saw that could be directly linked to his actual activity for the whole day.
This paper presents some nonverbal gestures associated with emblems, illustrators, regulators, adaptors and affect displays.
The first common or I saw most often even in countless number of movements from time to time is the raising of hand to a stop signal and moving and waving it in a way either fast or slow just to say directly “no”. I can sense the degree of intense refusal when it is associated with the expression of the face. A sour expression is a direct “no”. All of these are red flags or signals on saying “no”.
I also observed when the prospects point to somewhere, as if saying “Look, I have to go there and I’m late” or “I need to have a break and in a hurry for now, so I’m heading there to catch up”. Some customers point to themselves, as if trying to say “I think am not ready for this. Look, I’m busy”.
Some individuals would seem to remind the salesperson that “look, I’m late”, pointing their eyes directly to the customer’s watch. Some of the prospects would even bother to look somewhere, trying not to establish rapport with the salesperson.
Some prospects were able to show that they feel awkward being approached by someone else. Some of them would pursue a movement away from the salesperson, like a half-step away for instance, while the latter is still trying to convince them to engage in the business. Another gesture of not being ready to engage in the conversation was when the customer would fan himself or herself or checking his or her mobile phones, as if a way to stay off the conversation.
Affect Displays
However, most of the prospects were polite enough to blow their smiles, while saying the words “no” or “not for now”. But there were also quite few who perhaps were out of their mood, forcing themselves to throw a frown while meaning it for “no”.
The paper just presented the idea of communication associated with the salesperson’s attempt to engage a prospective customer into his business. There were series of non-verbal communications observed, but they all pointed out to one idea, the actual attempt to express inner thoughts. In this non-verbal communications, it is easy to establish the words that the two communicating individuals are trying to establish, even by just the mere look at their gestures and in the absence of their actual words. The inner thoughts are therefore observed to be strongly linked to one’s actions or non-verbal communication. With these actions, it is easy to determine if there is a red flag or go signal particularly on the part of the prospects, as far as the point of view of the salesperson is concerned. Read More
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