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In my understanding, the encroachment of television on the movie industry that took place during the mid-twentieth century was a turning point for the movie industry, as this change created a sense of tension between the two by allowing the development of a competition for the…
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Reflection of motion picture
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Movie Reflection [Pick the In my understanding, the encroachment of television on the movie industry that took place during the mid-twentieth century was a turning point for the movie industry, as this change created a sense of tension between the two by allowing the development of a competition for the same audience. Additionally, restrictions enforced by the government on the movie industry were also serving to limit the growth of this industry. I feel that the arrival of television during such unfavorable conditions was enough to wipe out the industry totally; however, strangely the movie industry emerged as a powerful media with the passage of time.
As opposed to the movie industry, the structure of television industry is very different. My understanding is that television industry is more tightly regulated by governmental laws as compared to the movie industry, since the medium through which it is transmitted (airwaves) is considered the property of public; hence increased government interference. The cable systems and the satellite-delivered television programs however enjoy exemption, as they do not utilize public’s airwaves.
I have noted that interestingly, the movie industry that was in older times a rival of the television media, now uses television as a means of promotion of its products. This channel is utilized to invite audiences for an experience of a bigger better screen and extraordinary sound effects, which are lacking in the television medium. Despite all this, the movie business carries with it a high level of uncertainty which manifests in the forms of monetary peaks and troughs during the various seasons of the year. Read More
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Reflection of Motion Picture Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Reflection of Motion Picture Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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