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Technological determinism refers to a reductionist theory, which assumes that a societys technology influences the growth and development of its key social structures, as well as its cultural values (Chandler 1). A majority of the interpretations concerning technological…
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Technological Determinism
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Technological Determinism Technological determinism refers to a reductionist theory, which assumes that a societys technology influences the growth and development of its key social structures, as well as its cultural values (Chandler 1). A majority of the interpretations concerning technological determinism share mainly two key ideas: they claim that (1) the development of technology creates a predictable, traceable path generally beyond political or cultural influence and (2) that technology had impact on societies, which are inherent, instead of socially produced or conditioned since that society plans itself to endorse and further develop technology right after it has been introduced (Thurlow, Crispin, Lengel, Laura, Tomic 44). This paper will discuss how might technological determinism can be applied to the way that the news media, advertisers and individuals talk about the emergence of certain new communication technologies and also how technology determinism shapes how people use these technologies. This paper will generally address new technologies such as the Internet, social media services, IPTV (Internet protocol television, like Apple TV), video games, cell phones or other specific examples of your choosing.
Journalists are normally overly occupied. In the field, when, at times, there is gunfire plus ever-present danger/risk, a journalist or reporter has a lot on his or her hands (Thurlow et al. 44). Not only are there demands for survival, but also there are worries concerning how the equipment will work, will internet be there and how will the report go about attempting to comprehend something maybe in a language that they do not comprehend, for instance, English journalists/reporters reporting an Arabic clash with the U.S. military (Thurlow 23). However, the social media has made this all easy. A journalist can take pictures for a far or even use already-uploaded picture of, for example, a war situation so that the public can know the matter at hand (Thurlow et al. 44). The social media has made this more effective using mobile technology wherein media houses can circulate images and anyone using a mobile can view them anywhere even without a television. Technological determinism can also be applied by advertisers and individuals to talk about the emergence of new communication technologies but advertising their products or even job vacancies to jobseekers (Thurlow 23). Today, more people use Facebook and Twitter more than they read newspapers. The normal portal, in the past, for advertising products has been through TV, radio and newspapers and magazines (Thurlow et al. 44). However, advertisers who have shifted to social media for promoting their goods are also harvesting their fruits. Many people have found jobs on Facebook and Twitter (Thurlow 23).
Technological determinism is widely used with computers, as well as the InterNet. Many keen users of such technologies drift unthinkingly into the theories of technological determinism (Thurlow 23). Technological determinism affects the use of technology by creating positive attitudes towards a certain technology. For instance, example people endorse the use of the social media because it has brought them together and it also eases up their interaction (Thurlow et al. 44). People also will also endorse technology a lot because of the ease of production it has created.
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