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However, since its existence, many groups both governmental and non-governmental have been on the move to censor it. Internet censorship is a form of control on the publishing of content on the internet. In most…
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Should the internet be sensored
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Download file to see previous pages So, should the internet be censored? Yes, it has because of the reasons discussed below.
Protection of social norms. There is a lot of misinformation that is corrupting the current society through censorship; some laws that are fighting against cultural erosion like exposure of pornographic materials to children can get a voice. Children need proper protection (McCarthy, Martha: pp. 83). They have to be safeguarded from this kind of violence that is so public on the internet. Parents may not be in a position to look after their children at all times due to commitment at work. While they may assume their kids are safe while accessing the internet, it may not always be the case. Pornography and other sexy images act like a magnetic pull especially to underage adolescents. All they want is to have a look at how the opposite sex looks like. This in the end corrodes their young minds. It is filled with filth and unnecessary stuff. For this reason, some may end up developing behaviors that arise due to loneliness. Some may end up being gay or lesbians since the materials on the internet convince them to think so and find it normal to divert from the society norms. If the government censors the internet, it may be in a position to block such confusing contents for children and help parents who spend little time with their children.
Security reasons. Terrorists are using the internet in making their moves. It has made it easy for them to identify and locate places to attack. While most of the journalists may think everything is news that has to be blogged, it may give deadly tips to people with an evil mind. Take this case, a few years ago, someone made claims of making assault rifles using materials of a printer. While it hit international news headlines, some bloggers got a chance to write about it. Yes, it was good to make people inform people about the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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