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S facebook a good or bad example of participatory culture Explain by connecting these ideas to your own arguments- develop and justify your own view ( write both good and bad points) - Essay Example

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This in itself is a type of participation, a participation in sharing. When Jenkins came up with the term participatory culture, he…
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S facebook a good or bad example of participatory culture Explain by connecting these ideas to your own arguments- develop and justify your own view ( write both good and bad points)
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"S facebook a good or bad example of participatory culture Explain by connecting these ideas to your own arguments- develop and justify your own view ( write both good and bad points)"

Download file to see previous pages In simpler terms, it is easily accessible. This definition brings about what is termed as participatory media. Participatory media encompasses virtual communities, video blogs just to name but a few. In this paper, one type of a participatory culture or media which is a part of social network services shall be scrutinized. Its good and bad sides as a participatory culture will be examined. The participatory culture to be looked at is Facebook (Delwiche, 2013)
What makes a thing to be regarded as good? Something is regarded as good if it falls into the morally accepted or the generally accepted ideas in a society. Since its development, Facebook has been a hit in the participatory media world. It has withstood the test of time and competition. What has made Facebook a giant as a participatory culture is its good. Jenkins note that good participatory cultures are regarded good as they avail virtually low hindrances to artistic expression and civil engagement. Facebook is a good participatory culture as it provides a platform where artistic expression and civil engagement are easily expressed to a large number of people. It does this through its rather simple user interface whereby people can easily understand how it is controlled. Also, Facebook has a sharing option (Jenkins, 2013).The advantage of such an option is that people on the social networking site can easily share it with other persons. It is through this sharing that artistic expression and civil engagements are easily expressed to a large group of people. Facebook also allows one person to have as many friends as possible provided they know each other through friends as such. This lack of limitation as to the number of friends one can have on Facebook allows for easier expression of artistic expression and civil engagements. Facebook is also a good participatory culture in cases where its members believe their contributions matter. This is quite true for Facebook users as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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