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Concepts of nonverbal communication that may help in communication include: a) Body movements- this concept helps to communicate by giving gestures to illustrate what you mean. b) Facial…
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Reflective Chapter Entry II
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Nonverbal Communication Nonverbal communication is easy to believe and convince than verbal communication. Concepts of nonverbal communication that may help in communication include: a) Body movements- this concept helps to communicate by giving gestures to illustrate what you mean. b) Facial expressions-this concept is helpful in communication by showing emotions and receiving quick feedback, response or reaction to information. c) attentiveness- being attentive in non-verbal communication is helpful because all information is recorded and understood clearly.
Hearing means receiving information from a source, or a sound. An example is when someone hears something that someone else has said, or a sound from a certain device. Listening is giving attention to a sound or to someone when they are speaking. Critical listening is giving maximum attention to a sound or to a person when they are speaking. Critical listening involves taking notes, critical thinking as well as making critical judgments. An example is listening while keeping eye contact and not interfering.
Emotions can be effectively expressed in nonverbal communication in various ways. I would personally consider using nonverbal communication to express my emotions. This involves, using polite body language and gestures. The first step would be to identify my emotion then share it and listening to the response.
A relationship is developed through finding common interests and participating together. This also involves creating a friendly and welcoming environment. To maintain a relationship, frequent communication is very important. In a relationship decline, critical listening and expression of emotions is very crucial. For a relationship to be repaired emotions must be expressed and the concepts of eye contact and body language can be used to make it effective.
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Richard West, Lynn H. Turner: Understanding Interpersonal Communication, 2009. Read More
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Reflective Chapter Entry II Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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