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Ethical Theory Paper - Essay Example

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Ethical dilemmas are not clearly demarcated between the ethical and unethical that one has to exercise sound moral judgment to determine what is ethical or not. One of the most…
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Ethical Theory Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Business is driven my profit motive. It meant that business owners put up their enterprises with the purpose of making money. Business therefore when left on its will do whatever it takes to make profit. It can only be mitigated by introducing ethics in business to temper its profit motive and have a sense of responsibility. Business ethics in fact, which business are now required to practice is in fact an oxymoron.
One of the common practices of business to profit at whatever means possible is the case narrated by Gina Firenzi where deception is used in a warehouse sale. The “see through” pants were misrepresented by a marketing acrobatics to make it more appealing to customer by putting a tags saying “things dont always go as planned, this garment has fit, function, or visual imperfections” but did not say that it is in fact see through and that they are sold at final sale. Of course the company will refund those who complaint but those who will not, they already a made a money out of it. These pants were implied to be the recalled pants of Lululemon which is was already a reject but sold at a warehouse sale and made saleable by marketing acrobatics. They are prepared to do refund to those who will complaint, but will make money to those who will not. These pants were recalls anyway and it may not have cost them to buy it because they were supposed to be disposed.
Business unethical practices however are not only confined to misrepresentation as cited by Gina Firenzi. The unethical practice can go back from the point of manufacture such as the recent case of the building of Cambodian factory that collapsed due to substandard working conditions. The collapsed exposed the unethical practice of major textile companies such as Swedish fast-fashion retailer Hennes & Mauritz to subcontract sweat shop with hazardous working condition just to save on cost. And as expected Hennes & Mauritz denied ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ethical Theory Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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