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The reporter casts light upon the fact that after a stretch moment to discover his platinum personality label, he realized the following behavioral tendencies about himself. Namely, he is an introvert person who prefers keeping issues to himself rather than sharing them out…
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Personal Platinum Label
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Personal Platinum Label
After a stretch moment to discover my platinum personality label, I realized the following behavioral tendencies about myself:
I am an introvert person who prefers keeping issues to myself rather than sharing them out. Secondly, I tend to be relaxed and systematic in the manner I carry out my daily activities or any task at hand. In addition, I prefer being formal and conservative in my interactions.
The above description is very significant when it comes to my interactions with my colleagues in school, friends at home, and even my immediate family members. Understanding oneself and letting others understand you is one of the surest way of avoiding conflicts. For instance, as an introvert, others would have to appreciate this behavioral tendency and avoid forcing me into telling them what I would not like. Also, being a person who is relaxed and systematic when handling tasks, this labels is essential as it help others appreciate my organize behavior and thus complement it. Lastly, as a formal and conservative being, this platinum label is crucial in pin-pointing what I stand for and therefore help others understand my decisions. In general, the above platinum label is significant in making others understand who I am, depending on whether they perceive the label as a strength and weakness, and hence guide their interactions with to avoid interpersonal conflicts.
My stretch moment elicited a number of emotional experiences where I had to deal with unhelpful thoughts that flooded my mind. For example, as an introvert, I have had to deal with less understanding colleagues who have used it to harm me emotionally. In not less than one occasion, memories of my previous engagement with friends who accused me of being uncooperative almost drove me berserk. I could simply not let them know the emotional turmoil I was undergoing while at the same time they could not understand me as an introvert. Similarly, being a person who likes being relaxed and systematic in my activities, I dislike working under pressure. Unfortunately, when faced with team exercises that require speed, excess pressure always puts me at logger heads with colleagues. Nonetheless, the stretch experience I had connected significantly with cognitive defusion, a core principle of ACT. Here, I observed the uncomfortable emotions without attaching much attention to them. For instance, as the memories of my negative experiences with my colleagues came into my mind, I observed them but tried as much as possible not to attach much value to them. As a result, the thoughts were simply streaming through my mind without significant impact on my stretch exercise.
The label above is applicable to the animal matrix cross-hair matrix as it forms the basis upon which the various description of the matrix are answered. While finding solution to the various questions that emanate from the matrix, it is much easier to establish which answer is most appropriate by simply linking it to my platinum label. As regards to my future interactions, this label goes a long way to enhance the quality of my interaction with colleagues at home, school, and workplaces. For instance, as a relaxed and systematic fellow, this label is critical at promoting organization of the tasks at hand. It is easier to inspire persons to operate in a given way if my platinum label depicts the same.
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Bach, Patricia A, and Daniel J. Moran. Act in Practice: Case Conceptualization in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger Publications, 2008. Print Read More
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