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The article titled “Do Media Cause individuals to Develop Negative Body Images?” is an article that presents the for and against argument regarding the issue of whether media should be held responsible for making people feel bad about the way they look and the eating…
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Do Media Cause Individuals to Develop Negative Body Images
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Response The article d “Do Media Cause individuals to Develop Negative Body Images?” is anarticle that presents the for and against argument regarding the issue of whether media should be held responsible for making people feel bad about the way they look and the eating disorders that people experience as a result of trying to attain the perfect image that is portrayed by media. Those who were in favor of the idea that media was to be held responsible includes Shari Dworkin and those who were against the idea that media should be held responsible included Michael Levine and Sarah Murnen (Alexander 70). Both the sides presented a very astounding debate and quite well defended their side not only with theories; they even used appropriate facts to defend their side. Before deciding whether the “for” side or the “against” side performed a better job it is necessary to know that I personally believe that it is the peer pressure as suggested by the against side that makes me feel bad about my own image and the way I look (Alexander 80). But I still believe that those in the favor of the issue that media is making people feel bad about themselves presented a better debate this is because they used several examples of advertisements that simply show a perfectly crafted figure and make individuals feel bad about them. The recommendations those are later provided to the audience even back the thought that media makes human being feel negative about themselves as the recommendations mostly focus on loosing fat instead of focusing on the importance of exercise and healthy eating.
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