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Organizational Culture and Organizational Communication - Essay Example

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In an economy which is on the down-swing. And, in an industry which has seen heavy weights such as Ford, General Motors and Daimler Chrysler succumbing to…
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Organizational Culture and Organizational Communication
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Download file to see previous pages Toyota is renowned for its production process, and its innovative management policies and culture. Toyota created and implemented the Just-in-Time method of inventory, which was revolutionary in nature. This concept has proven quite successful for the company. I am truly fascinated by this organizations managerial attributes and culture, which is why I chose to write about this organization.
The culture at Toyota, described as ‘The Toyota Way’ is the core that drives the success of this organization. It lays out clear objectives for operations, Total Quality Management (TQM), customer service, employee management. Moreover, it aims to create a harmony amongst all the objectives.
Even the logo of Toyota, is a symbol of how these values amalgamate. As we know, the Toyota logo consists of 3 ovular rings. The first ring symbolises the heart of Toyotas customers. The second ring symbolises the care taken by Toyota to manufacture its products. The third ring which joins the other two rings symbolises the joining of customers with their product and creates the ‘T’ of Toyota. (Appendix)
Up to the Challenges: Toyota believes in creating value through their production process, and thus delivering high quality products and services to their customers. They plan on creating long term visions which can overcome possible hurdles. Moreover, they believe in accepting challenges and excelling in them through careful analysis before any decision.
Kaizen: It means to improve in Japanese. This concept urges the employees of Toyota to keep improving and innovating through learning, creating sound infrastructure and, by promoting education within the organization. It believes that this will help deliver better and improved goods and services to the customer. "Something is wrong if workers do not look around each day, find things that are tedious or boring, and then ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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