Where have all the werewolves gone - Book Report/Review Example

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It questioned the accuracy of the beliefs of people in the past. In addition, it outlines how it affected the shape of beings classification on earth. People had different beliefs when it comes…
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Where have all the werewolves gone
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Where have all Werewolves gone? This article focuses on the origin and connection of supernatural creatures to man. It questioned the accuracy of the beliefs of people in the past. In addition, it outlines how it affected the shape of beings classification on earth. People had different beliefs when it comes to creatures such as werewolves, witches and animals including dinosaurs. Before Charles Dawning’s classification of beings according to origin, there was massive confusion on whether such creatures existed or all the stories were myths. The point is there are limited evidences that point out to the existence of supernatural creatures.
In the classification of creatures, the scientists used theories that satisfied their interests. For example, the Americans and the Europeans easily classified apes to be closer to people of color than themselves (Regal). Tyson found difficulty to speak out that humans were really close to apes, because of the fear of upsetting Christians. Therefore, the death of werewolves was because of little evidence to continue supporting their existence. Instead, Charles Dawning’s evidences pointed, in other directions whenever there was something to connect humans to the werewolves. There has been a belief in existence of werewolves since the early centuries; however, the evolution theory did not put them anywhere in the origin of man.
In conclusion, the death of the werewolves was because of the strong evidences that rose against it. Since there are no physical evidences to prove that werewolves existed in the world, many scientists decided to dismiss them as myths. In the classification of creatures, the strength of evidences played a part in linking creatures to others. However, many still believe that there is a link between the werewolves and the big foot.
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Regal, Brian. "Where Have All The Werewolves Gone?" March 2010. Forteantimes. 28 January 2014 . Read More
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