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This paper, Economic Influences of Korea Wave, will discuss the economic influences of the Korea wave. The Korea wave also referred to as Hangul, Hallyu, or Hanryu is the popularity of the Korean popular culture in other Asian countries and beyond. …
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Economic Influences of Korea Wave
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Download file to see previous pages Chinese Journalists coined the term ‘Korean wave’ on the realization that there was a high appetite for Korean television programs in China. This trend has continued to the present days with the likes of Psy whose music Gangnam style, released in 2012 gained worldwide recognition. What started as just television programs and music has gone beyond to include other aspects of Korean culture, including food, clothing and creative imagery and video games. This created an economic benefit for the people of Korea. This paper will discuss the economic influences of the Korea wave.
The Korea wave started in the mid-1990s and late 1990s in East Asia. It all started when two programs, “Winter Sonata” and “What is love” gained popularity in Japan and China respectively in the mid and late 1990s. These two programs created a high appetite for the Korean programs in these two countries. Within a short time, the wave spread to the neighboring East Asia countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Consequentially, the Korean television programs spread to the rest of Asia, including Islamic countries like Iran. The Korea Wave became a force to reckon with and influenced major film industry countries in Europe and the United States.The Korea wave became common among all people, including the old politicians and the young studying youths. Sun Jin Lee shows the way East Asia regions accepted the Korean television series. According to Sun Jin Lee, when the Vietnamese government delegation visited Korea for a bilateral meeting, the Vietnamese delegations requested a certain woman to sign their menus at a luncheon. It later emerged the woman asked to sign the menus was Kim Hyun-Joo of the popular Korean television program “Yuri Gudu” meaning. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Economic Influences of Korea Wave Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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