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Apparently, social media policy is denoted as a code of conduct that gives out the necessary guide lines particularly on employees or employers who use the social media as a medium of communication in terms of work and or on private matter (Flynn 3). As such,…
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Media Review
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Ai Media Social Policy Apparently, social media policy is de d as a of conduct that givesout the necessary guide lines particularly on employees or employers who use the social media as a medium of communication in terms of work and or on private matter (Flynn 3). As such, Ai Media Social policy represents an official guide for both people and organization that have involved themselves with Ai –Media social media account. Through it synonym, Ai-Media has varying social media platform such as Face Book, Twitter and YouTube.
Initially, Ai Media social policy begun in 2011 through the aid of the digital internet transition who’s aim was to come up with new opportunities that have continually led the innovative forms of investigative journalism. As a result, Ai Media for the past two years have continuously embarked on diligently using the social media (Face Book, Twitter and YouTube) to reach out and share information with regard to the deaf and hearing impaired in the US community. In essence, the company focus more on the disabled persons, and how they should also be given a chance in participating in this company and the products that the company provides. In response, the company continually welcomes feedbacks and suggestions regarding such reactions and comments that are given out by all participants (Flynn 4).
Of importance to note is that, Ai-Media has certain principles and guidelines that the company uses in ensuring their media policy remain an efficient tool of communication. To begin with, this social policy ensures that the concept of the community is well understood in terms of giving support to either side (clientele and the company). Secondly, contents found on the social media are friendly to the clientele and further embrace the presence of opinion diversity. This must go in line with the materials that are posted on the social media, the audience involved and the judgement that the company gives.
In addition, Ai-Media is conscious and transparent of their intention. Basically, the company is sensitive on placing posts on individual clientele or organisation regarding their nationality, gender, sexual preference, disability and any other related issues. According to Flynn (4), it is worth mentioning that, the social policy must be in a position to assist the concerned persons. In this case, the Ai-Media is mainly concerned with a particular group of people –the disabled (hearing impaired and deaf) thus bringing value as would be expected.
In the United States, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube are the most commonly used in communication. The presence of digital connection where majority of people living in the US can easily access internet has enabled various entities to reach out to their clientele from all walks of life (Flynn 5). For this reason, companies such as Ai-Media and others in relation have narrowed down their mission to concentrate more in disabled people in the community. In relation to this, the United States should continually develop a diverse media that will support democracy and the information needs of its communities. Hence, the United State must have a media platform to develop politically, socially and economically (Flynn 6).
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Flynn, Nancy. The Social Media Handbook: Rules, Policies, and Best Practices To Successfully Manage Your Organizations Social Media Presence, Posts, And Potential. Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons.2012. Print. Read More
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Media Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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