A Documentary and the Backlash: the Dominance of the Global Markets - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes the documentary that addresses the fact that some multinational companies have their products made cheaply in countries such as China and these are then branded and sold extensively in the western markets. Because of their activities, many companies have come to be immersed in scandals…
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A Documentary and the Backlash: the Dominance of the Global Markets
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Extract of sample "A Documentary and the Backlash: the Dominance of the Global Markets"

Analysis of No Logo No logo is a documentary that deals with how the various consumer brands in the world market their products among the diverse number of potential customers. While many of the companies, which have a global influence, are doing everything in their power to make a profit, they are also working towards spreading their brands using lies. In the documentary, it is declared that these companies are no longer selling their product in the traditional or conventional ways and are instead hawking their products. They do anything, even lie and give misinformation concerning their products so that the various consumers who would otherwise not be attracted to them end up purchasing the products. The documentary deals with the backlash, which many multinational corporations are receiving, because of their unfair dominance of the global markets. The fact that they make profits at the expense of others is one of the reasons that they have come to develop a very bad reputation. Most of the multinational companies are plagued with scandals from all over the world and all of these because of not only their branding strategies, but also because of the fact that those who produce their products work in appalling conditions. The documentary addresses the fact that some multinational companies have their products made cheaply in countries such as China and these are then branded and sold expensively in the western markets. Because of their activities, many companies have come to be immersed in scandals and the emergence of these scandals has worked against these corporation’s interests in the market since it created a situation where the public views their products with a lot of suspicion.
A further issue that is addressed in the documentary is the way through which multinationals are branding their products through falsely convincing the potential consumers of their worth. If it a fact that many of these corporations brand their products in such a way that they make the consumers feel inadequate without the said products. This makes the consumers want to by the said products at whatever price that they are asked, not caring for other priorities. Sales among these corporations have become paramount and this has gone against the tradition of making quality products for the market. Instead, multinationals have, over the past few decades, decided to go for the sale of the image of their products and not the products themselves (Klein, 2003). These corporations no longer sell their products according to their own merits, but sell the image of these products; these images not being based on reality but on pure fantasy. In the documentary, it is stated that despite there being agreements on free trade all over the world, these agreements are made for the benefit of the multinational corporations and not all the people who participate in the global economy. Therefore, it is concluded that more needs to be done to ensure that these corporations do not continue having the upper hand in the global economy and more has to be done to curb their influence.
Klein, N. (2003). No Logo: Brands, Globalization and Resistance. Retrieved from Read More
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