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Company studies the commercial trend, those wholesome personality endorsers, its competitors, and the kind of philosophy that the company is trying to advance to promote its products and its brand.
Noting all these…
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Successful Advertising Campaign
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of the Advertisement is about the battle of the consumers mind. Company studies the commercial trend, those wholesome personality endorsers, its competitors, and the kind of philosophy that the company is trying to advance to promote its products and its brand.
Noting all these influences, it is believed that one of the successful advertisements ever done are the products of Nike. The company used international marathon competition in promoting its sports wears’ products from shoes, shirts, shorts, and head caps. It has even controlled in total monopoly such advertisement opportunity and the craze “Just Do It!” marginalized Reebok shoes at the market. The adage gained consumer’s liking as something motivational, positive, individualistic, and neutral on the issue of either winning or losing. It is just about doing and people simply love that as a strategic bandwagon technique in marketing.
Nike had also topped in television and print broadcast thus gaining massive ground from the market consumers specially those coming from the youth or young adults who are consistent in demonstrating their zeal in life. Reports mentioned that Nike got the sale of $800 million in 1988 and consistently grew a decade later into $ 9.2 billion. “Just Do It!” drives the people to run, exercise, wind up, and enjoy everything that relates to life. It evokes certain zeal that deconstructed the notion of hindrances, barriers, and possible losses there is in life. The product’s adage, which wrapped its corporate brand, stirred such emotional meaning to consumers and the market.
Aside from dominating its presence in all multimedia advertisement centers of the country, Nike’s consumers became also its marketing advertisers by indirectly introducing the products to those who have not yet purchased it. They recreated the product and thus facilitated in making the product as a youths’ fashion fad and fashion statement. The company likewise was able to establish the best branding strategy. Carefully planned and genuinely sensitive to the increasing individualism of consumers, the company won the hearts and minds of the market, including the essential fact that they were successfully able to make their own product subscribers as ambassador of a superior product. They completed the leverage by dominating in the market competition.
Rigorous advertising and the ability to be consistently visible in the market made the product legendary for purchasers. The brand and its adage became the replica of their lives and an advice for those who are confused. It gave some sense of freedom and personal responsibility that is bereft of fear and hindrances. Of course, the company has certainly invested much for the advertisement too and in selecting the right saying that can recreate an imaginable, practicable, convincing and persuasive measure. “Just Do it!” The marketing strategy was a positive impact for cultural awareness while at the same time ascertaining that the product quality and values is consistently maintained.
Such is also the way of sustaining the advocacy and preference of the consumer on your product: the attraction to it is matched with quality of fabric for its daily use. Nike’s product was likewise affordable to all classes of consumers and thus, purchasable at the right price. The company was able to differentiate its products from the rest of similar materials sold in the market. The distinction was earned by how consumers perceived it as a thing that their selves could be associated to.
Sorenson, Lauren, The 10 Greatest Marketing Campaigns of All Time, US: Hubspot.Inc., 2012, p. 1. Retrieved: Read More
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Successful Advertising Campaign Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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