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Whenever a disease strikes, one’s identity is highly compromised and might end up being totally lost. The Alzheimer disease is one of the most dreaded diseases when…
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Thief of the identity
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Indicate here submitted The thief of Identity
Human body is structured in a way that all the parts articulate in a healthy way to give one a robust identity. Whenever a disease strikes, one’s identity is highly compromised and might end up being totally lost. The Alzheimer disease is one of the most dreaded diseases when it comes to eroding one’s identity. (Sabbagh). This short discussion looks at how the disease fits into the description of a thief of one’s identity.
To begin with, given that the disease detriments or interferes with the working ability of the mind, then the identity of the victim is put at stake. (Atkins). With effects such as long term loss of memory, one’s identity deteriorates since one cannot remember what surrounds their lives. (Sabbagh). Not being in cognizant with what is going on around is tantamount to loss of identity.
In addition to this, the impacts of the disease on the physical appearance are outstandingly disturbing when one thinks about it. The disease eats up the radiance in one, by working up on the face, the skin and the whole body structure. (Atkins). One looks totally different from the way they used to before the disease comes in. It is by virtue of the loss of the original physical appearance that one is considered as having lost his or her identity to the disease. The disease is therefore tantamount to the thief that steals away one’s identity.
To conclude, this disease is quite scary given its impacts and the fact that it cannot be treated. (Atkins). The fact that its cause is yet to be established is also much alarming. In this paper, the fact that the disease is a thief of identity has been looked at. This is through the impact of the disease to the brain and physical appearance. There are many other impacts of the disease that can be traced to loss of identity such as emotional swings. However, not all these could be covered given the scope of this paper.
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