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For example, if an action of love and romance takes place, it will be described as a love scene. On the other hand, a shot shows part of the action that takes place at one…
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Communication introduction to Media Production
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Communication: Introduction to Media Production In video production, a scene refers to a single action that occurs at aspecific place, at one given time. For example, if an action of love and romance takes place, it will be described as a love scene. On the other hand, a shot shows part of the action that takes place at one point of the movie. This means that shots make up a scene. Below are example of shots, explained and illustrated by use of appropriate diagrams.
Establishing Shot
These are the shots that establish or reveal the environment to the audience. They have a wide view, and will always disclose certain important issues, like the mood of the environment.
Figure 1. Establishing Shot. Viewed: 26th March,2013
Wide Shot
This one covers a broad and detailed perspective of an action, and its environment. It shows the full image of a character, and also covers other groups, actions and different locations. See Below.
Figure 2Wide Shot. Viewed, 26th, March 2013
The Medium Shot
This is the most common shot that is seen in all movies. All shots that are not short or long are medium shots. They disclose part of a scene, but do not give very much information about the environment, although they do not hold much of the information, at the same time. See below.
Figure 3, Medium Shot: Viewed, 26th March, 2013.
Medium Close-Up Shot
A medium close-up shorter gives further information. For example, the neck,chest and shoulder of a character is a medium close-up shot. See Below.
Figure 4. Medium Close-up. Viewed, 26th March, 2013.
A Close-Up Shot.
This is a tight shot that is normally tied to one area like the face of a character.
Extreme Close-Up shot
This type of shot is very biased as it only concentrates on a small part like the eye of a character.
Extreme Close-Up. Viewed: 26th March, 2013.
Over the Shoulder Shot
This type of shot is taken from behind the character that faces the subject, and this character should take almost 1/3 of the frame.
Over the Shoulder Shot. Viewed. 26th March, 2013.
A Two Shot
It simply shows two people in a frame. See Below.
Figure 5. Two Shot. Viewed, 26th March, 2013.
A Point of View Shot
This type of shot shows a specific scene from the perspective of the subject. Read More
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