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I am passionate about media with a zeal and fervor to continue my education in Media & Communications. For a long time now, media…
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MA Graduate Scholarship Application in Media & Communication
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Sur Lecturer Scholarship Application in Media & Communication I am writing to express my interest in the scholarship in Media & Communication from Hawai‘i Pacific University, and to prove for consideration. I am passionate about media with a zeal and fervor to continue my education in Media & Communications. For a long time now, media have formed part of both my academic and personal life. I have developed a feeling that the opportunity to study in America will enhance my future career ambitions in the media arena. For some time now, my involvement with media has been palpable in numerous aspects, especially in public relations, advertising and marketing. Evident to this, I have additionally studied media management to supplement my bachelor qualifications. Consequently, I am certain and feel confident applying to a master’s program as a natural progression of my present academic qualifications, considering my majors in marketing, content management, and business administration from the University of Applied Sciences St. Poelten.
Through my internships and apprenticeship from various institutions as appears in the attached testimonials, I developed enthusiasm to further my qualification. Through this scholarship, I have seen an opportunity that will alleviate me and my family from financial constraints that we have experienced from my childhood. My parents had a small retail store. This is what sustained us throughout. When I was working full-time while pursuing my apprenticeship degree as well as a high school diploma, I helped their business develop and flourish. I believe that this scholarship will not only help me further my education and hope of being synonymous with media, but also support my family in the retail store business.
Media and communications have shaped my life, for example, through my work at the retail store, I became skilled at communicating efficiently with people, and at paying attention to their needs and requests; these early practices set the basis for my ardor in working with people in the PR industry, and the reason I believe this scholarship is pivotal to both my academic and personal life. I have learned the spirit of team work through collegiate activities and in the institutions. For example, during my internship at Bene AG, I collaborated with my supervisors and colleagues to develop strategies to promote Bene’s products and services. Subsequently, my passion for PR campaigns and marketing programs grew. I also achieved essential skills in the world of technology such as web page optimization, e-newsletters preparation, e-marketing and advertising campaigns, among diverse skills I acquired from other media institutions such as NOEN, NXP and Camp Echo New York, as detailed in my supportive documents.
Summarily, I have lived a media life, as evident in my professional and work accomplishments, collegiate and community activities featuring in my attached supportive documents. Nevertheless, the internships proved significant experiences, alongside photography skills incorporating artistic, portrait, commercial and reportage acquired from NOEN weekly, where I worked as an amateur photographer. I, therefore, request that I be considered for this scholarship for the reasons I have mentioned here and in my testimonials. Read More
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