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The elderly group in America, especially the citizens, is usually discriminated against by the younger generation because of their mannerism (Martin, 2011). They are portrayed…
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Comm Report reviews
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Communication Report Reviews The Elderly: The Silenced Subculture This report delves into the factors that define the elderly subculture in the United States of America. The elderly group in America, especially the citizens, is usually discriminated against by the younger generation because of their mannerism (Martin, 2011). They are portrayed as a slow, selfish and manipulative group that sets out to satisfy their individualistic interests. Elderly American citizens are isolated because they cut all their family ties with relatives and offspring making them seem a lonely and resentful lot. However, on closer examination, they are seen to be a conservative and caring group that is concerned with the continuation of cultural morals and disciplines. There is another non-citizen class of elderly persons of different ethnic backgrounds like the Armenians and Arabs. This group has strong family relations that take care of them, in their old age, and they help in transmitting their culture’s traditional values to the future generations. The overall perspective, of this review, is that the elderly should be treated and regarded with more respect and appreciation than they currently receive because they still have more to offer society in terms of, their wisdom and experience they have gained from living a long life.
Cultural Reflection at the V.A Hospital
This extract is an insight of the cultural differences that exist between two subcultures in the United States between civilians and the military and its veterans. The emergence of these two subcultures is brought about by the need by each group to have a collective mindset that differentiates the two groups and to encourage the development and adherence to traits that define each group (Martin, 2011). The V.A hospital in Michigan has a wing that is dedicated to catering to health concerns of military personnel especially the veterans. The veterans visit this place not only for more than medical attention, but also to reconnect with fellow veterans, whom they have shared the same experiences in the military. This is because when they leave the military and rejoin the civilian population they experience a culture shock occasioned by the differences in what defines the two cultures. The civilian culture perceives the military as too authoritarian and strict while that of the military perceives the civilian culture as to be too indulgent and individualistic (Martin, 2011). This causes disharmony between the cultures with individuals from either culture becoming alienated by the other’s culture. Civilians should try to understand the aspects of the experiences that service members go through, in carrying out the duty of protecting the country, and put in more effort in helping veterans get reintegrated back, into the civilian subculture.
The Homeless
The homeless people in on American streets lead a difficult life compared with other Americans. Their shelters are constructed using a wide range of unused open spaces or makeshift shelters constructed with cardboard boxes. There exist stereotypes that describe them, which put them at a disadvantage because there are few who are willing and determined to advocate for a change (Martin, 2011). Their culture is characterized by submission to stereotyping, by other subcultures, without any attempt at setting up defining values, which they can use in advocating for more recognition and consideration, by the other subcultures. Those among the homeless who are aware of the stereotype values that they have been assigned use them to serve and justify their own selfish interests. The homeless silent culture should be recognized, and new regulations enacted to address their plight and the circumstances that contributed to their being homeless in the first place (Martin, 2011).
Martin J. N. (2011). ExperiencingIntercultural Communication: An Introduction. 4Th Edition. New York: McGraw-Hill Education, 2011. Read More
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