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In his opinion, women had no choice to do what they considered as personal interests but to obey what men had set for them. Women suffered as…
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Skin Blood Heart Reading
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Skin Blood Heart Reading The of Skin Blood Heart main concern is about the oppression and bitterness the women folk experienced in a men-ruled society. In his opinion, women had no choice to do what they considered as personal interests but to obey what men had set for them. Women suffered as both wives and mothers for they totally had no rights. The main theme in this excerpt is male chauvinism because women were considered as a lesser being. Wives were expected to attend to all house chores and no time for recreation and choice (23). It was a society where women were never free to go out in towns and spend time with their fellow women.
Brutality was a main concern in the society because people especially the blacks and women were mercilessly killed. Guns were not a major concern because people could possess even two guns and they could shot anytime and anywhere. Lynching was very common as people who opposed to the whites directions and orders were not spared.
Culture and religion was another theme in the society since men produced the culture while women were responsible for its growth through obedience. This meant that, if any women did not live by the men’s rule, they could face expulsion either in economic, social, or by death. In addition, it is women responsibility to end prostitution yet the act involves both men and women. Women are determined and daring to assume the strength and masculine opportunity to create and determine their own culture (27).
Women determination to end the oppression they were subjected to by the male folk is of major concern. They were ready to fight for an equal place in the society. “I did not die but the agony was as bitter as death” is a quote that the author uses to express the uselessness of the meaning of life to a woman in that society (31). I had no a clear thought of the consequences and punishment that came along with practices against the culture like lesbianism. The question left in ones mind is: why do men face difficulties when women demand equality? Just like the present world, women are endlessly fighting for equality in work places and in the society. They have formed groups that fight for their rights.
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Pratt, Minnie Bruce. “Identity: Skin Blood Heart” Read More
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Skin Blood Heart Reading Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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