New Peoples Army (NPA)/the communist Party of the Philippines - Assignment Example

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This organization focuses on replacing the current form of governance with Marxist kind of leadership and eliminates all United States military presence in Philippines. It is evident that the…
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New Peoples Army (NPA)/the communist Party of the Philippines
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New People’s Army (NPA) Question This is a Philippines based paramilitary organization that was formed in 1969. This organization focuses on replacing the current form of governance with Marxist kind of leadership and eliminates all United States military presence in Philippines. It is evident that the People’s Republic of China provided material support for the NPA between 1969 and 1976. This is because this group reflected its status as a Maoist Communist organization that supported Chinese factions in the 1960s (Hughes, 2004). During that period, Chinese firmly supported the fight for freedom and liberation of oppressed nations and people. Therefore, the People’s Republic of China chose to provide material support for NPA because one of their main agendas was to fight for their independence and reduce the U.S. dominance (Hughes, 2004). However, the People’s Republic of China withdrew their support for NPA, in 1976 when most nations began classifying NPA as a terrorist organization. It conducted a number of assassinations targeting informers, politicians, media, and socially prominent people (Chalk, 2009).
Question #2
The peace talks held between Philippines government and the New People’s Army have made no significant improvement due to various disruptions, particularly those relating to dynamics between these two opposing parties. The dynamics include factors such as competing policy potions more so from the government’s side, different negotiating objectives and strategies, inflexible structural obstacles, and the impingement of the global war on terrorist attacks and activities (Chalk, 2009). For example, there were a number of significant eruptions of hostilities, which occurred amidst long suspension of the peace talks. This made the government direct military groups to ambush members of NPA, in their camps. This in turn, derailed the advancement of peace talk.
Chalk, P. (2009). The evolving terrorist threat to Southeast Asia: A net assessment. Santa Monica, CA: RAND.
Hughes, C. W. (2004). Japans security agenda: Military, economic, and environmental dimensions. Boulder (Colo.: Lynne Rienner. Read More
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