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It is the violence and sex content of this TV talk show that that helps in reinforcing its moral codes, which are the basis of the previous episodes. This talk show is moralistic…
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Comments on ideology, class, structure and agency as used in media studies
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Debates in Media Studies Comments on Ideology, Structure and Agency as Used in Media Studies Jeremy Kyle show attracts audiences as it provides confrontation and other unethical societal needs. It is the violence and sex content of this TV talk show that that helps in reinforcing its moral codes, which are the basis of the previous episodes. This talk show is moralistic and narrowly conservative in its ideological context by communicating the mindset of America’s dominant culture, which is white, male and middle class (Barwise & Gordon, 2002 p208). However, this ideology is sometimes challenged because the high number of repeated showings and the variations within the genre place a narrow limit on women’s appearance and behavior since this show primarily targets female viewers.
The audience of Jeremy Kyle show is a group of people who share the same problem as those presented by the guests. The show offers relief and introduces anxiety by presenting and discussing a problem that the audiences can potentially identify as opposed to guests’ assumptions that the viewers are not familiar with the problems. In other words, specialist guests represent the voice of audience’s own commentary, which is unexpressed, creating a sense of superiority being and viewer’s ideology continually reaffirmed and articulated (Barwise & Gordon, 2002 p207). Therefore, it is evident that both the programme and its viewers share common ideological message.
I feel that sponsorship and advertising of this Jeremy Kyle show undermines the programme’s message. The sponsors of this programme and its adverts claim that it helps to counsel and rehabilitate couples (guests) yet its ideological stance that is primarily violence and sex, is what is used to reaffirm its moral codes and maintain its audience. According to Kyle, failure of women to attend to their domestic duties and abstinent with a child-bearing role, and men’s failure to use sexual protection method and contraceptives is the source of their problems. Other programmes that share the same ideological message with Jeremy Kyle show include the Jerry Springer Show, Ricky Lake Show and Trisha Goddard Television talk show (Barwise & Gordon, 2002 p201).
Barwise P, Gordon D. "‘Economics’ in Briggs, A. & Cobley, P. eds." The Media: An Introduction, 2002: 198-216. Read More
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