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China is one of the countries that have faced tremendous increase in population leading to a national crisis. The question as whether…
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Choose a crisis and discuss how the Chinese government handled it
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number Population crisis in China. A crisis is a condition of danger or instability in political, international affairs, economic or social affection leading to a critical change. China is one of the countries that have faced tremendous increase in population leading to a national crisis. The question as whether China has enough population seems to be absurd in the minds of the people. This paper outlines the population crisis that has faced the people of China leading to government intervention.
During the late periods of 17 century to 18th the country experienced a doubled population. In this case, the western and northern parts had already been filled up with a high population people leading to poverty. Food became a problem to feed the growing population. This was followed by intervention of the government through acceptance of importation of world food crops such as maize and potatoes to eradicate the problem.
The government decided to come up with certain strategies to counter the high growth rate situation in the country. This was evident through family planning strategy. This policy was established in 1980 and stated that each family should give rise to one child. This was applicable in reducing the large growth rate. In return, there was a balance in the population compared to the previous years. Though some people were against the policy, it has reduced the cost of living of the people of China. The latest statistics shows that this policy has cut down the growth rate which was standing at 1.34 billion by 0.57 percent, which was below the replacement rate (Greenhalgh & Winckler, p, 287).
In conclusion, it is evident that the Chinese government has adopted the right policy and strategy of controlling the high population. That is why there is perfect regulation of birth and population in China.
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Greenhalgh, S & Winckler, E., A. Governing China’s population: From Leninist to Neoliberal Bio politics. Stanford: Stanford university press, 2005. Print. Read More
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