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The historical name denotes the Bavarian Illuminati; a secret society in the Enlightenment era founded on 1st May 1776 by Adam Weishaupt (Melanson 5). However, in the modern context, the…
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Who is The Illuminati and are they running the world
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The Illuminati The term ‘Illuminati’ refers to several groups, both fictitious and historical/real. The historical name denotes the Bavarian Illuminati; a secret society in the Enlightenment era founded on 1st May 1776 by Adam Weishaupt (Melanson 5). However, in the modern context, the term refers to conspiratorial organization purported to control and mastermind world events and affairs. They do this through corporations and governments with intentions of creating a New World Order (Walter C 23). In this milieu, the Illuminati is regarded as an extension or modern version of the Bavarian Illuminati.
It is alleged that the Illuminati is the principal motivational force behind the push for one-world religious ethic, global governance, as well as a centralized system of controlling the world’s economy. Organizations such as the IMF, the United Nations Organizations, the ICC, and the World Bank and viewed as appendages of the Illuminati. The Illuminati conspiracy explicates that Illuminati is the impetus behind all the efforts aimed at brainwashing the gullible masses through manipulation of beliefs and thought control using the educational curriculum, the press, and the political leadership of the countries.
The Illuminati aims at controlling the world by creating a New World Order. This is a diabolical plan established by the financial elite with intentions of destroying the national sovereignty of the worlds’ governments through world conflict and blackmail. Their ultimate goal of doing this is to enslave mankind into a one world dictatorship government (Burkett 46). The New World Order agents have managed to take control of the financial system of the world. It pains to realize that the politicians that are elected by the common man are the ones who have let that to happen. They have done that by making it legal for private financial institutions to control the stock market, the money supply, and ultimately our destiny. Additionally, they have given the private financial institutions the power to control print money and the printing press, and this has enabled them enslave the people of the world by making them live in debts (Penre).
The creation of debts slavery has made governments bankrupt or insolvent. Therefore, in order to keep their economies going, governments’ rely on credit from the New World Order. This enslaves governments since they are dependent of the New World Order. On the other hand, the New World Order makes use of this opportunity to control the destinies of these nations that depend on it. Melanson (37) asserts, “They use their money to influence who gets elected as politicians, what type of stories are aired on news outlets, as well as other interests that they feel like bringing into an immoral and capitalist society.” Not only does the New World Order subverts democracy and keeps people misinformed, but they also control the future of several countries through deflation, inflation, interest rates, and the availability of money (Fagan). Studies have revealed that the stock market crashes are sometimes scientifically created events so as to steal wealth from the people, intensify the indebtedness the countries, and create atmospheres for global conflicts.
The Illuminati through the New World Order has manipulated and created several conflicts between countries to further their agenda. Walter (24) asserts, “It is surprising to reveal that they have managed to fund both sides in every war.” This proves that they understand that war is profitable since they use conflicts to enslave countries through massive debts. For instance, the cost of Iraq war is past 2.7 trillion, yet Americans are witnessing one of the worst economic crises in history (Penre). From this, one cannot help, but ask who the real America’s enemy is.
In conclusion, it is true to say that the Illuminati exist, and they are running the world. This is ascribed to the fact that they use their control, power and money to create crises; prompting people to cry out for help from famine, war and despair. They then make use of the opportunity to mislead and enslave people into their one world dictatorship government. Everyone is a pawn in the game played by the Illuminati, and until the truth is realized, people will still be exploited by NOW agents for personal gain.
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