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Most argue that both Ryan as well as Bidden performed according to what was largely expected however, some argued that Bidden did a combative performance especially after…
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Summary of the vice president debate
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The overall Vice Presidential debate is considered as a draw between the two in after-debate discussions. Most argue that both Ryan as well as Biddenperformed according to what was largely expected however, some argued that Bidden did a combative performance especially after Obama failed to leave any credible impression on the voters. The debate was primarily divided into both the domestic as well as foreign issues and both the candidates presented their arguments duly supported by rational thoughts and facts.
Ryan touched upon the foreign policy of Obama and considered it as unraveling as he suggested that Obama failed to contain the losses of American lives. He specifically mentioned about the killing of US ambassador in Libya. However, it was Bidden who assertively maneuvered the debate from one issue to another and also started a debate on foreign policy. During the debate it was quite clear that Bidden, due to his experience in Politics, was more mature and assertive in debating on certain issues.
Though on economic issues, Ryan was able to highlight some of the weaknesses of the government however, he was clearly not been able to put in a full-fledged attack on Bidden regarding the overall economic performance of Obama regime. Bidden’s arguments for doing much more for the Middle Class of America, tax policies, Medicare and other issues have actually not allowed Ryan to plan a full-fledged attack on the overall policies of Obama government. Ryan also did not seem to be prepared much on the issues of taxes and was pressured by Bidden to go into details which he unfortunately was not able to and thus was clearly lacking a well thought out debate plan.
Bidden was also specific about the issues on the Military and presented facts and figures which Ryan was not able to provide for. Bidden’s ability to actually dominate the debate and suggestion of increasing the military budget was something for which Ryan looked less prepared.
Debate also touched upon the issue of Middle East and Bidden was able to put forward the arguments of having better relationships with Israel. Ryan actually attempted to suggest that relationships between Israel and US were deteriorating however, Bidden was convincing enough to actually highlight that the relationships between two countries have actually improved over the period of time.
Bidden was also able to defend Afghan Issue and defended the policy of leaving Afghanistan and handing it over to Afghans with support from US. Ryan was however not been able to fully justify the military presence in Afghanistan.
Overall, it was a nice debate with both the candidates actually debating on important domestic as well as foreign issues. My personal opinion was the both the candidates should have spoken much about the domestic challenges faced by US in terms of its economic future and what could be offered actually to overcome the prevailing uncertainty in the society. Bidden clearly was able to dominate the debate due to his experience in Politics which he gained over the period of time. Read More
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