The Role of Writing, Literacy, Printing, and Referencing in the Development of the History of Information - Essay Example

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The essay "The Role of Writing, Literacy, Printing, and Referencing in the Development of the History of Information" discusses the specific achievement of mankind, which made possible the preservation and transfer of valuable knowledge through the centuries. …
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The Role of Writing, Literacy, Printing, and Referencing in the Development of the History of Information
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Extract of sample "The Role of Writing, Literacy, Printing, and Referencing in the Development of the History of Information"

23 July Contributors of the Development of Information History Writing played a rolein the development of the history of information by providing the scholars with a way to preserve the knowledge. A lot of research has been made over the centuries which was documented to help the new researchers to take it to the next level. Literacy was both a cause and effect of writing, as well as a pre-requisite of being able to contribute to the development of the history of information. Literacy enabled people to conduct more research to develop the information technology, which is in use today. Printing played a fundamental role in the development of the information’s history. Without printing, it would be too difficult to document the knowledge. Printing also improved the efficiency of writers, and thus more literature review in good shape was available to the researchers to develop the technology. Referencing played the role of a catalyst in the development of the information’s history as it encouraged scholars to conduct research as they would be remembered for their positive contributions towards the creation of knowledge in the times to come. Development of the history of information as well as all factors like writing, literacy, printing, and referencing, can fundamentally be attributed to the development of science because scientific knowledge was used to develop the tools and equipments need for printing, and writing etc. Public contributed to the development of information’s history by being the prime player in the field. Humans developed technology for personal, social, and political gains using all of the elements discussed above. For example, technology was developed to win the wars (Heilbroner 335).
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Heilbroner, Robert L. “Do machines make history?” Technology and Culture. Vol. 8. No. 3. July 1967. Web. 23 July 2012. . Read More
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