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Stuck a bill to a dancer’s G-strings? Or even kissed a dancer? Well, next time you think of doing these, think again. You might end up in a jail or paying a hefty fine.
Redondo Beach City Council on its regular meeting today…
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Lap Dance Feature News Story Prompt
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Redondo Beach Council Passed the “Lap Dancing Ban” Redondo Beach Times Monday, July 23 REDONDO – Have you ever enjoyed a lap dance? Stuck a bill to a dancer’s G-strings? Or even kissed a dancer? Well, next time you think of doing these, think again. You might end up in a jail or paying a hefty fine.
Redondo Beach City Council on its regular meeting today approved the “lap dancing ban” or the “no-touch ordinance”. The ordinance bans any kind of physical contact between the entertainers and patrons. Even though it is applicable to all businesses, it is mainly targeted towards the adult entertainment industry.
The ordinance was signed by Mayor Essie after a unanimous vote of 11-0. All 11 members of council were in agreement with the ordinance while only 8 votes were required for the approval of the ordinance.
One of the main conditions of the ordinance is that there has to be no touching between the entertainers and patrons in any kind of business in Redondo Beach. It also requires a 6-foot separation between the patrons and entertainers, along the performance stage to be at least 18 inches high and a rail of at least 30 inches high.
Adult entertainment industry will be greatly affected by this ordinance. It includes establishments such as strip clubs, gentlemen’s clubs, adult clubs, bikini bars, nudie bars, topless bars, adult cabaret bars and others. An entertainer in the ordinance mainly refers to dancers, both men and women. Activities such as lap dancing, tucking bills in G-strings, etc will become illegal as a result of the ordinance.
The council members justified the decision. Mary Macy and Tonis Zaslow, the council member sponsors of the ordinance argued that it was necessary to ensure the well being of the citizens of city.
Mary Macy (40) said, “Adult entertainment businesses are blight to any neighbourhood. They attract a variety of criminal activity, including prostitution and drug use. The proliferation of these businesses is destroying neighbourhoods across the city.”
Tonis Zaslow (35) supported Mary Macy by arguing that the quality of life needs to be safeguarded. He said “Redondo’s reputation as a wide-open city needs to end. We can and will restore the quality of life that needs to be restored. It’s time to make a stand. This is just good government.”
On the adult entertainment industry which contributes $150 million annually to the economy came out very strongly against the ordinance. Ken Majors (51), owner of Peppermint Giraffe Gentlemen’s Club said that “We’ll beat this. They tried to do this in two other California cities and the voters threw it out just like that. We’ll get the 30,000 signatures in two weeks. I know it. Want to sign the petition? We’re having a party to gather signatures. Come and bring your friends.”
The ordinance can still be rescinded if a petition is signed by 30,000 registered voters for a city wide vote. Many who are against the ban are confident of getting the votes required for a city wide vote.
Lisa Sasaski, an attorney who represents 6 adult club owners was of the view that the ban would kill the industry. She said “The club owners are not here to be bad neighbors. They have worked with the city successfully for many years. They have substantial investments in this city and pay substantial taxes. People are not forced to come to these clubs. This ban will kill a thriving industry that employs thousands of people. How Tonis can blame all of the city’s crime problems on this industry is beyond me.”
While the council is justifying its actions, the majority of the city seems to be lining up to vote against the ban. Read More
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Lap Dance Feature News Story Prompt Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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