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Within few years China, Cuba, Vietnam and North Korea became strict communist states, e.g. Hitler came into power. These gains made by the…
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Unit 3 Discussion Exploring the 1960s
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Unit 3 Discussion Exploring the 1960s of Unit 3 Discussion Exploring the 1960s Validation of the fear of America from Communist Countries:
In retrospect, the chief reason behind the fear of America was due to the continued communist expansion with the help of Soviet aid. Within few years China, Cuba, Vietnam and North Korea became strict communist states, e.g. Hitler came into power. These gains made by the communist led America to adopt the policy of containment “We shall seek to persuade the Communists to give up their attempts of force and subversion” (Scott, 2012).
- Change during 1960s:
a. Russia:
The nuclear arm race was eroded in 1960’s which ultimately gave rise to the thought that the more nuclear weapon the more powerful state. As a result, America and Russia both massively built up the stock piles of nuclear weapons. Thus, this Cold War never turned hot, USA and USSR never fought directly during the 20th century instead the domino effect of USA caused the places like Vietnam, Korea and under-developed nation around the world (Burbank & Cooper, 2011).
b. Europe:
Through contemplation of 1960’s revolution, it occurred when Europe was caught in the mid Cold War of USA and USSR there was a clear indication that in the name of protection both the super powers might make agreement in the area of economy and politics might cause the position and stability of Europe. Invasion of America’s direct investment in production and technology could have affected the sovereignty and position of Europe. This threat led the Europe to catch-up with cultural and economical and social revolution during 1960’s in Europe (Jacobson, 1994)
Communist Countries a threat in Modern Status-Quo?
Communist countries are threat for developed countries in modern status quo because it is believed that communist want to rule the world according to their own legal tradition and regulations. This is considerably due to the lack of co-operation of Communist countries towards international peace treaties (Burbank & Cooper, 2011)
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