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The paper "Analysis of Different Advertisements " presents six advertisements. Products advertised by the pictures could bring high sales apart from figure 6 which is a bit controversial. Such an advert betrays a company’s culture of advertising and the way of dressing…
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Analysis of Different Advertisements
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Advertising is public promotion of a commodity, service, and business to attract people to buy or consume it. It is one of the tools used by companies to ensure that sale returns are high. The sales department is obliged to implement sales strategies agreed upon by a company.
Pictures displayed above, from figure one through to figure six, depict various themes such as rest and relaxation, professionalism, casual look, and controversy shown by figure six. Figure two is fitting for designer shops for shoes and dresses for a higher economic class. Figure one fits resting place, could be a swimming pool or a beach according to the background. This is unisex. Figure three fits designer shops though for casual clothing and focus on male more. Figure four is fit for shops which sell women items e.g. earrings, bangles, trouser suits and focuses more on the female gender. Figure five is fit for a picnic site could be a recreation centre or a park and is for any gender.
Advertising Dilemmas
Advertising is a dilemma in itself bearing in mind that a company has to put all stakeholders in mind; client being most important. Figure 6 is controversial in that there is a lady who is almost fully naked with two other men who are half-naked. Behind them are two men who seem to be watching over what is happening; shown as a rape ordeal. Such an advert cannot sell a company’s product though it could sell to youths. It could spark hatred among the old generation since they advocate for conservatism.
A company should not target one group in its quest to develop a large client base via advertising. Thus, the sales department ought to have sharp minds and creativity as adverts are made and placed on the public arena. Adverts should have a panel to review before being taken to the public. Read More
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Analysis of Different Advertisements Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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