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It is dominated by techniques like stage-hogging. This involves the listener changing the topic or the entire conversation on purpose in a…
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Identify the behaviors associated with listening, hearing, and non-listening
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Behaviors associated with listening, hearing, and non-listening Project Close Out: al: Forms of ineffectivelistening
Pseudo listening: It’s non-listening in which an individual just pretends to be listening while in the actual sense he or she is not. It is dominated by techniques like stage-hogging. This involves the listener changing the topic or the entire conversation on purpose in a manner that the conversation is all about her or him.
Situation: the individual’s mind is preoccupied with other issues hence his or her attention is diverted to the issues. The topic under discussion could as well be not interesting according to the listener.
Observed behavior: nodding and smiling occasionally, directly looking at the speaker. Staining in directly observing the speaker so as to avoid suspicion.
Monopolizing: This involves an individual continually focusing listing on themselves rather than on the speaker. The individual listening keeps on shifting the topic of conversation to them. It is a very narcissistic view to listening since the individual needs the conversation to be all centered on them. It is a self-centered form of ineffective listening.
Situation: The listener views himself or herself as more important than any other person or issue that discussion or conversation could have been centered upon
Observed behavior: The listener gets disinterested when the speaker tries to stick to the topic of discussion. Becomes restless and brief on other issues apart from those that are about them.
Selective Listening: This is the type of listening where an individual pays attention to only a portion or part of the conversation. Selective listening occurs as a result of people not being able to absorb everything that is being said by the speaker. Such individuals therefore use selective listening as a means to screen out parts of the conversation. It is an act that is synonymous skimming pages while reading.
Situation: The topic neither interests the listener nor does it attract him/her. It elicits boredom and tiredness.
Observed behavior: Rejecting what does not interest them.
Defensive Listening: It occurs when a listener interprets an indirect attack by the speaker. For example, by telling someone that he or she looks like they have reduced in weight, the individual might think that you are suggesting that they were in the past looking fat. In the real sense, you didn’t intend to criticize them, you would merely have intended to complement the individual on the manner that they look at the moment than they did in the past. The listener thinks that the speaker focuses on criticizing them based on their past experience and reads every word that is said as an insult to them.
Situation: An individual feels guilt about the topic under discussion. The listener’s past history of having committed whatever is being talked about by the speaker.
Observed behavior: Restlessness and constantly moving around. Body motions such as rubbing of hands and shaking of the head
Literal Listening: This involves listening that occurs only when the individual ignores or rejects the relationship level of meaning. The individual becomes insensitive to the feelings of the other person by listening literally.
Situation: Feeling of dislike towards the speaker or the other listeners.
Observed behavior: The individual says all sorts of words without the regard of whether the rest of the individuals like the topic or not, projection of anger is a characteristic of this behavior.
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