Original media coverage of various events in U.S. history, period of 1920s - Assignment Example

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The account of mass media in United States of America comes from the study we undertook on the significant events that took place in USA between 1910 and 1930. The study involved detailed analysis on different sources such as magazines, internet, national archives, and…
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Original media coverage of various events in U.S. history, period of 1920s
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Extract of sample "Original media coverage of various events in U.S. history, period of 1920s"

Original media coverage of various events in U.S. history, period of 1920s The account of mass media in United s ofAmerica comes from the study we undertook on the significant events that took place in USA between 1910 and 1930. The study involved detailed analysis on different sources such as magazines, internet, national archives, and international libraries. We also engaged in questionnaires and interview when collecting the data based on the current mass media. We gave an account on the history of mass media in USA because it is enthralling. The study aimed at answering the following questions:
What are the impacts of the events?
What was the reaction on the masses?
Who were the perpetrators?
What was the feedback from the outside world?
From the research, it is evident that researchers relate the origin of most of this media with Europe. On the other hand, the mass development and distribution of most of these mass mediums occurred in USA. The advertisements between 1841 and 1929 rose as a result of the expansion of America to Atlantic Ocean, which was among key factors that lead to the development of the industry. This is because of the campaign for products from east, which called for awareness in the western (John 2000).
In the early 1920s, most cities in USA had newspapers, which were the primary medium of advertisements. Publishers’ main target was local businessmen. The construction of the transcontinental highway provided venues of advertisements hence building the media industries. The ideal case that was in all media companies is the advertisements for eastern products. V.B Palmer is the founder of the mass media company that enhanced the advertisements. His firm first ventured in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was the greatest distributor of newspaper within and outside the city. Palmer’s venture grew leading him to opening other branches in New York, Boston, and Baltimore. The success of the company was as a result of using ideas from the oldest media agency by J. Walter, in 1861 (History of American Journalism 2012).
In 1921, the company was capable of distributing over 12,000 newspapers. This lead to multi-city and multi-state, as information flowed freely within its reach. It also facilitated the growth of other industries, leading to advertisement regulations. This was the first company to offer clients with planning services; this lead to planned advertisements. Different companies grew during the period. Magazines were not that common because their invention took place towards the end of the 19th century. These advancements also lead to the development of copyright laws; this was essential to protect ones knowledge from competitors. The radio facilitated the broadcast of sports such Boston Marathon in 1921; this made top athletes such as Peter Trivoulidas from Greece attain a public figure. Promoting sports are one of the one of the key roles played by the media industry in this period.
The radio evolved in the late 1890s; this was the mass medium that remained in the market during the civil wars. Civil war broke out in the middle of 1920s, this lead to the deterioration of the industry. However, the media such as radio helped in broadcasting the situation at the time. Distribution of newspaper did not take place, resulting from insecurity; they only dealt with interval magazines (Mishkind 2000).
There is a sizeable difference between the mass media company of the early 1920s and the ones used to day. This is because it was a short duration after their discovery. The current medium is integrated and complex unlike those in the 1920s. Below are some of the differences:
1. The coverage areas of the mediums between the two periods are different. The current media companies are capable of broadcasting internationally because of the technological advancements.
2. The current media companies play a larger role in comparison with the early media companies. These roles differ in reference to the objectives. Some of the media companies are for education purposes, entertainment, among others. On the other hand, the ancient media firms targeted advertisements.
3. The industry has currently grown to admirable level unlike in the early 1920s. Cell phones have evolved, among other valuables. Internet has also developed the mass media industry. It plays a wide range of roles, which includes educative roles, entertainment, socializing, and advertisements among others. It has also formed a ground for marketing, where transactions virtual (Mishkind, 2000).
4. There is also a change in the contents of the current mass media. Such changes are complicated photograph (resulting from advancements in arts), interesting cartoon, and the overall structures starting from the headlines.
We give a credit to the American society for advancements in the media industry. This is because media has become the lay man’s spokesman. It has helped in developing individual talents, speaking out the truth, and criticizing evil. Let us all work and reach the industry to substantial levels (Mott 2000).
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