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Marty (1955 movie) - Essay Example

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Marty was able to comfort Clara as he narrated personal experiences and stories. There were no major shift roles that happened between Marty and Clara. What has transpired on that scene was a…
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Marty (1955 movie)
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Download file to see previous pages Choosing a partner in life does not mean choosing who is the best looking amongst the people in town. The main purpose of the rules of self-disclosure is to give therapeutic rewards to people without over-exposing one’s personal life. When a person’s personal life is said to be over-exposed, that personal may feel a bit exploited and get pre-judged by people who barely knew them totally (Roes 22-26).
According to Knapp, there are 5 stages of relationship development: 1) initiation, 2) experimenting, 3) intensifying, 4) integrating and 5) bonding. (Suresh, et al., 2) In that pattern, the initiation stage for Marty and Clara was when they had the dance after Clara was dumped by her date for the night. Though Marty got acquainted to Clara’s presence on the wrong note, he was able to make action and a better impression to Clara. Same goes for Clara that though she was crying and was embarrassed by what has transpired. The experimenting stage lasted for many hours that same night. From the Stardust Ballroom dance, they head over to a small luncheonette and further talked. There, they went further to the other stages of relationship development which is intensifying.
According to Knapp, this is the stage where it is more of an informal setting in the relationship. Marty and Clara had a talk not about the past anymore but of what they would be doing in the next couple of days, weeks and even months. It is the scene where girls would giggle to see that not all pretty ladies get the better catch and not all good looking males are considered as good catch. It is also the goodness inside of a person that makes them beautiful and pleasant regardless of their outside appearance. They started disclosing more information about their personal life to the other as the other listen attentively as if they would miss information if they would blink.
The night ended as Marty was talking Clara to move out of her ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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