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In general, people immigrate to America to improve their situation. Incentives to leave a home country and immigrate to America can be caused by social, political, religious and economic…
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Emigration to America
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Immigration to America The purpose of this paper is to outline a variety of reasons for immigrating to America. In general, people immigrate to America to improve their situation. Incentives to leave a home country and immigrate to America can be caused by social, political, religious and economic factors. In addition, threats to wellbeing are a further reason for immigrating.
Arguably the most common reason to immigrate to America is to profit from economic opportunities. Many people are either unable to find work in their home countries, or are underpaid and therefore not able to support themselves and their families. Although, it is sometimes not possible for immigrants to work in their field of occupation, they are still likely to earn more money in America.
Economic opportunities in America also enable children of immigrants to have a better future, due to an improved standard of living and a better education. Moreover, immigrants often send money to their families living abroad to improve their situation.
America is not only a land of opportunities, but it is also a free land where people enjoy certain rights and liberties. This is important with regard to political, social and religious factors for immigrating, because immigrants can escape persecution, oppression and other threats to their security. Even in the absence of danger in their home countries, social equality, a democratic system and religious freedom in America ensure that immigrants can feel and be safe.
To summarize, there are various reasons to immigrate to America and many immigrants are motivated by a combination of those reasons. Read More
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