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Work-Related Communication Problem in Corporate Communication - Essay Example

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The aim of the paper “Work-Related Communication Problem in Corporate Communication” is to discuss the communication problems such as work-related communication problems, which are very crucial as they affect the organization negatively if handled carelessly…
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Work-Related Communication Problem in Corporate Communication
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Download file to see previous pages Signals of this prolific growth have been evident since 2003, which has resulted in a constant drive by retailers to introduce new delivery mechanisms to broaden customer reach (Diamond and Pinter, 2004). As such, this has seen a shifting approach in multi-channel retail strategy from bricks and mortar to multi-level formats including home shopping and mobile commerce (Levy and Weitz, 2008).
With increasing and improving technology, various steps are taken for the improvement of communication because businesses run on the basis of good communication skills. For understanding the problems of communication, individual performance is very important to understand. Various assessment tools and theories-based on human nature provide perspectives in understanding individual performance in the workplace. To this end, the consideration of the social exchange theory and social penetration theory highlight the underlying motivation in social relationships. It is further submitted in the corporate context that a comprehensive understanding of the social exchange theory and social penetration theory are key organizational development going forward. The corporate communication is very significant for the development and establishment of businesses all over the world. The communication problems such as work-related communication problems are very crucial as they affect the organization negatively if handled carelessly.
Leading sociologist George Caspar Homans is usually hailed as the central consolidator of Social Exchange Theory works in his work “Social Behaviour as Exchange” (1958). In general terms, the social exchange theory posits that social change and stability is a process of negotiated exchanges between parties (Homans, 1958).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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